Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ya Ho Wha 13-Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony

Cults are hilarious. I guess no matter how ridiculous you can be, if you've got charisma and dope you can find some fools eager to embrace you as their savior. And what a cult the Source was. They cranked out a large stack of self published records that sing the praises of the man pictured on the above cover. Father Yod, as he was known, ended up dying from a snapped neck; the result of a hang gliding accident. But in life Yod did several other super cool things. Just look at some of his other album covers and you'll see what I mean. On this album the Father decided to add some of his vocal stylings to the primitive acid mash. Sometimes, he flits around buzzing like a bee. I'm not sure if that's considered vocals, but...Other times he achieves a sub-Jim Morrison croon. Between the caterwaul blooze voice and the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzing, you've got some pretty out tunes. And just look at that beard. He's probably cruising through space in his cosmic Rolls Royce right now.


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