Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Puerto Rico Flowers-4

Here you go Ryan. Well, I always loved Clockcleaner. I've even had the misfortune of seeing them live, where they spent the majority of their set spitting chewed up fries on the audience while demanding applause. My friends absolutely hated them, but their over the top assholeisms only endeared them more to me. Then Babylon Rules came out and added a more Joy Division & Cramps sound to their heavy thud. And then yesterday I just discovered this fucking amazing record from Sharkey. Normally, I won't post new albums, but I told a friend about this and I just thought many more should hear it. It retains the thudding bass of Clockcleaner, but adds plenty of droney synths. The vocals are awesome as usual. And really, this is hands down the best new thing I've heard in so long. This is all I want to listen to at the moment. Go buy this now.


Monday, March 29, 2010

DJ Screw-Codeine Fiend

Time to put a little slow to your roll. Friends have been begging for some Screw for a while and so I finally got off my lazy ass and coughed this up. If you're not familiar with the whole chopped & screwed movement then I should quickly summarize. It involves syrup, lots and lots of codeine cough syrup. And then the music is a reflection on this state of fucked upness. It has to be some of the most psychedelic rap sounds around. There's echos and haziness, and everything is real slow. Screw often times would use popular artists and give them the treatment. Geezus, he was even able to make terrible shit like 2Pac (glad to see that one balled fuck head die, you were never a poet) and The Notorious P.I.G. (that fat sack of shit sucked too--sounded like he never quite finished that 6 foot long bologna sandwich before he started to rap) sound tolerable. That's no small feat considering their suckitude. A few nuts are trying to claim some sort of conspiracy surrounding Screw's death, but people please, look at the cover of this, then look at the title. I think we don't need to discuss this any further.


Plastic People of the Universe-Egon Bondy's Happy Hearts Club Banned

I figured since I mentioned these freaks I should probably up one of their albums for those who might be interested. Normally, I try to stay distant from any rock music with a political agenda. I can't tell you how many horrible punk songs with half baked ideologies spouting party line rhetoric I've suffered through. Dudes, you're not Gramsci, so just give it a rest for now. The with this type of approach is that its fans already agree with the argument. No one is going to be converted or offended or shocked by this type of music (though I will admit a penchant for Reagan baiting songs). But this is a case where music can be successful and political. Largely in part because it's confrontational and weird not preachy and derivative. Weened on Zappa & the Velvet Underground (not really sure how they got those records), these Czech refuseniks channeled the noise and freakiness of their forefathers and provided a musical lineage to the later velvet revolution. Even Havel was a big fan of theirs.


Amber-Pearls of Amber

How many crazy Beatles fanatics noticed the sitar on this cover and knew it was given to Donovan by George Harrison? Oh Beatles obsessives, you're too funny. But this isn't some ruse I'm making up just to taunt that select group. It really is Donovan's sitar on loan to his buddy Mac Macleod. And while this album should be known for his involvement, as he was also in psych monsters Hurdy Gurdy, it's probably the damned sitar that most people are interested in. Looking at the cover, you'll know exactly what this will sound like. It's raga folk of the highest order. If you have any interest in acid folk, this one's for you.



While I'm sure plenty of 80s metal bands loved this group, don't be scared off. No poodle dos here, but just some ball breaking power pop. I assume people class this as metal, since there's plenty of solid riffs, but at the same time, there's a sound here that reminds me more of Cheap Trick or something. Coming out in the late 70s this was quite a bit ahead of the dross it influenced. But it's so much better than all that nonsense. And that's a pretty fucking cool band logo I do say.


Sonny Sharrock-Black Woman

Right, I know the label says esp-disk, but this really came out on vortex. But how many people know about vortex really? So this is guitar god Sharrock noodling around while other jazz luminaries (namely Dave Burrell & Milford Graves) create a sound network upon which Sharrock's wife, Linda, coos, screams, and howls. I know that description might make it sound like this is some chaotic mess, but it isn't at times it's quite melodic in fact. Oh, yeah, some of you might remember Sharrock from his theme to Space Ghost.


Debris-Static Disposal

Uh...Let's see. If I told you this came out of Oklahoma in 1975, I'm not sure if you could remotely guess what this would sound like. I still have a hard time describing it. Maybe if Roxy Music fell into a tar pit. Maybe you can find parallels with Captain Beefheart, Pere Ubu, or Red Krayola, but I don't know. You can call it psychedelic but it more acid punk than any thing. I don't want to hear saxes in a rock context normally, but for this album it somehow works. Some songs are just paeans to fuzz, some employ some buzzy bloopy synths. It's a pretty weird.



I'm sure that more than a few of you dug the Lula Cortes E Ze Ramalho reissue from a few years back (Lula plays on this). And if you like Congregacion too, then this album will definitely please. Acid folk is a kinda lame term, but it definitely fit this time around. At times it gets a little raga-ish, sometimes it has that lets run naked through the woods feel too. It's mostly an acoustic affair that sounds right for these sunny days when your trying to pull yourself out of that miasma you currently dwell in.


Sound of North American Frogs

This isn't a joke. This really is a record of frogs. But like many of the unusual recording put out by Folkways, this does not suck. There's some basic descriptions provided by human voice, but the rest of this is basically just the frogs in their element. Yet this whole thing comes off as a much more weirder experimental sounding record. At times the tones are plaintive and relaxing, but some of these hoppy little fuckers sound pretty pissed off. I'm sure there's a few people on the internet who will even find their mating calls arousing. But stay away from this site you sick frog fuckers.


Sea of Tombs

Whilst the cover might remind you of a junior high note book cover, the tunes are not some sloppy teen murder spree dream. This lone album by 2 humans in Lake of Dracula & Mario Rubalcaba (Clikatat Ikatowi, Black Heart Procession, millions of other things), sounds more like Mario's contemporary project--Earthless. It's heavy, trancey, instrumental thuggery. The heavy repetition on most of these tracks never get boring. It's weird to think this came out on Gravity. I only wish these guys stuck around longer to make more excellent music.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Emo Phillips-E=MO2

Why is everyone in such an uproar about emo today? On other blogs (this really only occurs on "punk" blogs) I see several post decrying emo, even calling for the death of emo For some reason these are always by e.s.l. authors. But I don't get it, I think he's hilarious. Okay, I'm not really that dense. Joking aside, I figured I should post another Illinois classic. And he's from fucking Downers Grove of all places. Despite the popularity peaking around U.H.F. era, Emo's still at it and still a nutter. So have a laugh on me.


Chrome-Half Machine Lip Moves

Buddy, I have a treat for you. That is, if you don't already have this masterpiece. And I know that's an overused term that is bandied about by lazy scribes, but this is no joke. It really is a masterpiece, by one of my favorite bands of all time. I always wondered why there hasn't been a dozen wannabes jacking this sound. It must be because it would be impossible to reproduce the heady synthesis of psych, punk, industrial, electronic, experimental, etc. This is still one of my favorite records to dance around to. So lace up you dancing shoes Nijinski.


bIG fLAME-Rigour

I a big fan of most things tagged with the Ron Johnson sound. What might make this even more delightful is that I believe that some formation of this band originally backed George Michael. No, not that kind of back perv. I have a feeling that it was all some type of ruse. If it is true I can't imagine what that could possibly have sounded like, as this is some frantic, scritchy-scratch that's worlds away from Wham!'s sweet pop. Basically, this is a comp of, what I believe, all their recorded material. How convenient for you. Assholes sell this cd for way too much (see amazon). Save yourself $50 and get it


The Grodeck Whipperjenny

Sitting here in the airport heading back home to Chicago has me thinking about Dave Matthews. But it's not how much his music is soulless trash that all my students love (still after all these years), that point is obvious, and my fingers just aren't strong enough to type out that long screed. Specifically, returning to Chicago makes me recall the time when Dave Matthews' tour bus decided that they were just so great that it would some how be acceptable for them to unload all of the shit from their septic tank right into the Chicago river. And if the shit that comes out of that prick's mouth is as terrible as it is, then I can only image just how toxic that drop truly was. And some one as full of shit as that guy is, I have to assume we. And this is a Dave Matthews album. But be not afraid, this is the good one. The one that worked with James Brown and the like. Here, the good Matthews lays down some tasteful psychedelic soul funk. Time to start dancing again kiddies, things have been so grim around here lately. And to the bad Dave Matthews--fuck you, you should be banned from Chicago for ever.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Marilyn Decade

Finally found the real cover after a long search. I guess that just points to the fact that no one gives a fuck about this really great album. So, with no one to rip off, where do I begin? I guess I should say, if you like John Fahey, Spacemen 3, others trawling the cosmic connection between guitar and a higher plane, then this is probably for you. This came out of nowhere, and has remained there for far too long. It's a pretty, instrumental, guitar driven album that should be hailed as a classic, but just never got that status. It's here. And if you sleep, then you're the dummy. I tried to get it out, but at this point, it's up to you to get this. I can only force the issue so much. So just get it now.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Daniel Higgs-Ancestral Songs

So those fucker that don't give Lungfish the proper props can go dive into a ditch from all I care. In my mind they were, and always will be, THE best dischord band. You want to fight about it mister goatee? Just because we're old now and are lame, doesn't mean that our cool points go up if you cling to these lesser showns. Don't be silly. You know the weirdo punk/psych of Lungfish destroyed all the simple notions of what D.C. should sound like. And for good reason. Just like Higgs is doing here. This motherfucker is able to transmute banjo into brilliance. Simplicity into suspense. Your ears cannot prepare themselves for the infinity that he projects. Unless that ear is in the center of you chest or the middle of your forehead you cannot get this. Don't be a dumbo. Download it and try to grasp what this interplanetry/ancient figure has to offer us. This shit operates on a plane not visited by the usual. If it's not for you fine, stay the fuck away. If, however, you want to see something other than the mundane, this might be a trip worth taking. As it's said "A mind blown is a mind shown."


Midwinter-The Waters of Sweet Sorrow

if you're tracking the theme of tonight, you'd probably guess there's not going to be some happy shit. That's right, like most of the people who download from this blog, I just ain't into listening to some flowery shit, especially at the moment. But if you're into the Trees, The Sun Also Rises, etc. then here's a unheralded piece of Brit-pysch-folk that really hasn't gotten it's due. This genre can be super overblown, but this is one that actually carries it weight.


Sad Lovers & Giants-Epic Garden Music

I guess I was resistant to this band because every time I saw anything about them, it was almost always on some fat girl's shirt. So fatties you can hate me. I don't care. I am superficial. And I'm a twig so there. But maybe those of a denser sort had something to teach me because this band is pretty great. It's kinda like Echo & the Bunnymen crossed with Joy Division. Dark, post punky, but far more under rated than most of the bands caught up with that scene, Thanks to you doughty girls. This is one thing I can agree with you on. Thickness, just not yet. But what can I say, I'm a snob. Hate me for my prejudice, but I never did say I was nice.


Rainy Day

Look, I can't shit on a band like Beach House. I really like their tunes. And if that shit can catch on an get popular, then fuck me, I'm all for it. But please, let's not think that whole sound is anything new. I'm not a music scholar, but it's pretty obvious that the whole sound is coming out of the Paisly Underground off shoots. And as far as I know (might be wrong though) this is Kendra (Dream Syndicate) with Dave (several things) before this shit was standard. I hate to be the old bastard always looking back, but shit, let's not forget where it all came from, right. You want some downer pop, look no further. People can ape the shit out of something, but it ain't necessarily better.


Felt-Crumbling the Antiseptic Beauty

Well, if you have some preconceptions about how Felt might sound, then this might be an eye opener for you. This is the album that I play for people who hate Felt. And yet, they always come around to this one. It's not poppy or hair cut driven like some of their late stuff. No, this is some pretty primitive, moody soundscapes that has some beautiful trebbly guitar work that's so thin you couldn't get a slicer to cut it like this for you at the deli. It's lo fi and primitive, but it's certainly not without its charms. If you want to hear some downer guitar exercise then look no further. Later day Felt fans, well, this probably ain't for you. This is for those who sometimes wish there car didn't veer off at that last moment and rear end that mercedez. Not because it's a mercedez but you just wanted that visceral experience and that moment of contact that reassures that you are actually alive.


The Flatlanders-More a Legend than a Band

So, things have been rotten around here. And if you're of the same disposition, then this belated country classic might temper the warming humors. Don't get too phelematic or anything. This is some super under-rated shit here. So much so that these dudes didn't really get their credit until well after the fact. So, really, this is some deep downer shit coming in the guise of some obscure cuntry-hick thing. But just look at the names involved and you know this is not some snake handling, ass kickin', truck praising bullshit. If you listen to "Keeper of the Mountain" and are not even slightly moved, then fucker, you are not human. Jump into that pool of toxic waste and melt away like that dude in Robocop right before he get's hit by the car. I'd love to see your fingers taper off like melted candle wax in that last moment before you get the deserved car crush. I only wish you'd live in that freakish state so I could laugh longer at your stupidity..


Black Heart Procession-One

I know that this is probably not too uncommon. But these days have been shitty. And this album captures that shitty feeling pretty well. I know they got pretty popular and even made some bullshit movie that has some quasi-tropicalia feel about it. I gave it a go, but that shit wasn't for me. But this album, I'll stand by. It's dark and creepy and makes you feel worse that you did before you gave it a listen. And after a few bottles of wine, this seems like a reasonable post. Don't think about what they became. Just give this a listen and ensconce yourself in the velvet luxury of utter darkness,


Damon & Naomi with Ghost

In the mood for more Alex Chilton? Might I recommend this tasty morsel. Damon & Naomi are sure to be known from their days in the V.U. influenced Galaxy 500. But this might be the best Big Star cover of all time, despite the numerous times they've been covered. Blue Moon, here completely shines, but that's not to dismiss the rest of this fantastic album. Ghost is always welcome around here, and when they pair up with 2/3rds of another amazing band, you should know you're in for some good shit. This isn't some dreamy, gazey, dream pop, but some truly awesome psych,/folk/pop that pulls at the heart strings. Play on players.


Big Star-March 31, 1974; Performance Center; Cambridge, MA

Yeah, so time to follow the bandwagon. I have had a shitty internet connection, so I miss out on all the dope that people have been dishing about Sir Alex. And maybe that's a good thing. Around here, he's a sainted figure that has written some of the best songs these dirty ears have ever heard. And while people might be singing his praise to high heaven now that he's dead, I could care less. He has written some of the best songs of all time. And I'll stand by that. Normally, a pop star's death (is he really a pop star?) doesn't mean shit to me, but fuck, this is Alex fucking Chilton. Pay you're respects fucko.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Iron Cross-Live for Now

For Richie Rich on his ?? birthday (it's a secret). Here's another D.C. classic. Not the typical sXe again, but something much more touching. And really, look at the cover. You wanna balzac on the back of your neck when you're throwing down? That shit's close. But for those of you not in the know on this one. Sab and cohorts took the best elements of skins Oi and threaded that through the standard D.C. sound, producing something looking off towards the U.K. while remaining grounded in the U.S. hardcore tradition. Super under rated still, this sound should appeal to those, like me who walk down the street and hear "hey, faggit" on a daily basis. Sure, you wish you had a pocket full of spark plugs to toss at these ignorant hicks, but playing this album might soothe those tired synapses for a minute. At least until the next f150 drives by.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Luiz Bonfa & Fafá Lemos-Bonfafá

I don't know much about bossa nova, but from what I've gleaned, Bonfa is kinda like the forefather of all that. If your looking for the musical equivalent for the times you take a hot bath and then get out, lay on a nice cool down comforter, then I suggest this. There's a certain lady I've been thinking about lately, and this makes me want to take her out dancing. Maybe you have some sweetheart that you tricked into overlooking your slovenly ways, and bad habits, and general terrible disposition. Maybe it's time to put this on and sweep her off her feet. She'll be impressed (really). And then, in the morning bring her some crepes and orange juice. She'll like that. You'll still be some lame dick, but you've pulled off the conceit for a few more days and bought yourself some time before you're exposed as the real piece of garbage that you are. Long live the charade.


Birthday Party-Hacienda, Manchester, UK, 1982

It's funny that considering I have so many live bootlegs (thank you internet) I don't think I've posted a single one. So, I might as well start it off with one of my all time favorites. And this isn't just because Roland Howard died recently (though I will definitely miss his amazing guitar work). Nobody needs a write up on the Birthday Party, right? I can say, this concert tackles a bunch of classics and just fucking destroys them. And the sound quality is excellent. That means there's no reason not to download this. Nick Cave states at the beginning, "You really don't deserve this." He's right, but, what can I say, I'm a giver.



Being the age that I am, I went through a phase where I had a strong interest in industrial music. Knowing that Ian Mackaye was involved with this only made me want to hear it more. And Al Jourgenson too (don't laugh, I'm from Chicago and still have an attachment to Ministry)? Well, I have to say that normal collaborations of two bands I love normally leave a pretty shitty taste in my mouth. Not so here. I doubt punks or industrial kids liked this much, but I still give this a spin. I think this sounds a little more heavy on the Mackaye (in that, at times it sound very Fugazi-ish), but I've got no problem with that. Nor should you.


The Moles-Instinct

This was another dollar bin surprise. Of course, I had heard of the Clean. And seeing Hamish Kilgour's appearance on this made me interested. And at that point, I think I already heard of Richard Davies too. But this is something that isn't quite like either of their works. It's really, really great pop songs that avoid all the cliches. The arrangements are clever and keep you on your toes. This is an album that every time I play it for friends they instantly want a copy. So now's your chance to grab it if you don't already have it.


Zdrój Jana

I can't find a fucking thing out these psychos that is in English. But since I'm a Polack and have a very, very rudimentary understanding of the language, I'm pretty sure this shit is coming out of Poland. I'm guessing late 60s / early 70s or so (I might be way off on that though). Some serious fuzzed out guitars and general weirdness make this seem at times like maybe some Eastern Bloc version of Os Mutantes or something (obviously less sunny). But this is a weird one. They're basically pop songs but I have a hard time figuring out how they came up with this sound in that context. You might put this with Plastic People of the Universe or DG 307 in that it's some weird shit out of communist eastern Europe. I wish I knew more about this band.


The Third Bardo-E.P.

There seems to be at least a few psych heads trolling the cosmic spaceways that download from this blog. And I've been a little lax in delivering the psychedelic goodies lately. Time to rectify that error with this classic. This little e.p. comes with a dirty sneer. It's not some hand holding, flower sniffing psych. This is much more garagey and punk than your free loving, kaftan & loon pants clad nonsense. For those of you who believe the saying "hippies is punks" then this is for you.


Aleister Crowley-The Great Beast Speaks

I figured since I've posted so many Kenneth Anger related works that references Crowley, I might as well put this up. It's not a great album, but more of an interesting artifact that I figure at least a few dark souls will enjoy. I honestly know very little about Crowley occult practices, though I sure a cursory google search will lead to some rather complicated explanations. So go ahead and search if you want. These recordings are just super lo fi chantings and incantations, that sounds so foreign that it can be hard to tell that he's speaking in English. Sometimes, I honestly think it might be a whole other language. I can't tell. Is it weird to find this to be a relaxing listen?


Rosa Yemen-S/T E.P.

Oh, French girls. There's just so many of you that I love. How did one culture continue to provide us with some of the most fascinating females for the past several centuries? Lizzy, you're in my list of amazing French females. And while her solo albums are fun for their mutant disco sounds, this is really much better. Really stripped down, minimal no wave. Super brief blasts that you wish would continue on for ever. And I don't know who plays guitar here, but they're fucking great too.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Desert Corbusier-S/T

Well, I thought this was a self titled album, but I saw a few people label this off of the text on the album's cover. But I tagged it as self titled. I don't know what is right since I don't know much about this band. For those of you who adore the Lowlands, here's some Dutch grimness of the post punk persuasion. Deep vocals, mechanical drumming, etc. You know the drill. But it's still really good. Dark, of course, but how could you think it would be anything else. This rip is a little crackly, but I'm not going to waste a day cleaning it up. If you don't like the sound of old vinyl than you can go scratch.


Swirlies-Brokedick Car E.P.

Such an underrated band. There was a small group of friends that I had that seemed to get these guys. Since then, it seems like mentioning this group is like a secret handshake into some fraternal society. Maybe that's not the right word since ladies are welcome too. I know some have claimed them to be the American My Bloody Valentine, but it might be time to clean those ears and loosen that nasty waxy build up. It's getting pretty disgusting to keep seeing that shit. And all it takes is a few swipes of a q-tip. But no, these guys are certainly good. No MBV, but I don't think that is really what they were after. Close listening shows they were after a whole different sound despite the fact that they used distortion. Reassessment time is nigh.


Run On-On/Off

There seemed to be a time in the 90s when Alan Licht was everywhere. Now, I don't hear much about the guy. I assume he's still somewhere churning out some minimal guitar drone freakiness, but somewhere or other I lost track of the guy. And here's a nice little e.p. that is swaddled in his guitar intonations. I think this is a lot of the people from Licht's previous band, Love Child, but I might be off on that. It does sound like them though. Some of it's pop, some of it odd dronescapes, some weirdo wiggery (Licht did play in the Blue Humans), and some psych flourishes. This and Love Child's entire discography could probably be purchased for a sou, since there's nary a soul that gives a fuck about them now. I think it just shows how these lame trends lead to oversaturization and the inevitable burying of some good work. All the bands riding the pitchfork wave take note: in 5 years no one will give a shit about you, your music will be out of touch with the times, and if there was still cut out bins in real, physical record stores, you would fill them. All those fake music fans (hipsters) will not care about you. They are fickle, shallow, and trend riders. Be timeless.


Rudimentary Peni-Archaic

The people have spoken, and hands down, Rudi P has been the most downloaded band. Initially, I thought about posting all of their albums at once. But I'm a prick, so I'll post them all, but it'll be on the installment plan. Just one more reason to stay tuned to the activities going on around here. So, I guess I don't really need to write anything about these guys. I can say quite easily that this is not my favorite of theirs. But what the fuck, everything by this band is essential, so that last statement doesn't really mean that much. And that's why I'll eventually post the rest. Everyone should have all of their albums. But maybe some of you misers should go buy the real albums, if only to hold Blinko's amazing art in your hands.

Here (Reuped 6/7/12)

Maher Shalal Hash Baz-Maher on Water

More Japanese things. But this will cleanse the pallet after the noise of Lip Cream. This is more like a retardo ensemble of naifs learning to play as they record their brilliant pop songs. Reiko & Tori Kudo have been around doing shit since as far back as I can remember (at least it seems that way). Those who dug the Mayo Thompson album might find this to their liking. I don't know. It's pop, but in a very loose sense. Oboes, trumpets, samples of flowing water, etc. make this quite unlike the pop that you might be thinking when the term comes up. Warning!!! I just read Tori is now a Jehovah's Witness. But I promise, if he comes to my door, I won't slam it in his face like I'd usually do.


Lip Cream-9 Shocks Terror

I just popped out for a sec to have a smoke, and I'm about 90% cert on this, but I think I saw some dude getting high on his porch--in the nude. Well, it is West Virginia. Wild and Wonderful, indeed. So this album is for that motherfucker who just doesn't give a shit. You're an inspiration. Let your ball bag flap freely as this Japanese punk monster blasts loudly from your speakers. I've stared at this cover for far too long, and I'm still only beginning to understand it's brillance. Oh, I think I tagged the album title wrong too of all you sticklers out there.


Mizz Nobody-Smittad/Ganja 7″

Two quick blast of Lapland punk of the antique sort. This fucking guitar (I think it's a guitar) on the opening track just blows me away. Normally, I think pedals are for dopes, but this shit works super well here. And then there's this weird funky, Stones like break down nearing the end. Definitely not trying to ape typical punk conventions & cliches. Ganja (dumb title) is okay but walks a thin line teetering on becoming shit. Not a fan of girly vocals that much (especially in a punk context) but this is a fun one.


Gerry & the Holograms-Meet the Dissidents

Does anyone remember that weird hologram that Sega released in the arcades some time in the early 90s? Sure, the games (one was a western draw yer guns 'n shoot, one a karate man fighter) were terrible. But fuck, they were holograms that you could play. I don't know why holograms went to the wayside, along with my still wished for hover board. My guess is that they realized the games were shitty (big surprise, it was made by Sega). But this is my favorite hologram related thing I can think of at the moment. I'm guessing this was some lonely dude with a synth. At least that's what it sounds like. And it's a hard one to describe. 2 tracks, the first some weird synth pop, the second taking a much more dubbed out approach. Combined, they make for one great 7". But some one tell me, when are those hover boards really going to come out. I'm getting a little old to go riding around on one.


The Versatile Newts-Newtrition

Shambolic slops for punk fops. I don't know shit about this band, so no background here. Methinks I hear some Fall & Swell Maps influence. The drums are paper thin, I think they might use a stylophone or some shit on one track, and there's some guitar screech that underpin these pop ditties. Fun and primitive. This is working on these nice warm days as the snow melts and your heart grows colder. Soon you will be all ice.


Whorl-Maybe It's Better 7"

Not much to say about these guys since they had such a small out put. There's this fantastic single, another that I don't have, and a few comp tracks. In light of so many 90s revival sounding bands cropping up now, this seems like something that may have been a touchstone, if people had actually heard it at the time. But history has vindicated them, thought the accolades are still yet to be given. It has some nice shoegaze distortion, jangley jangle, and pop smithery. All add up for a total winner.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vom-Live at Surf City

Some seemed to be interested in the Angry Samoans post, so that being the case, there's no reason why this shouldn't be posted as well. It's basically the Angry Samoans fronted by noted music scribe R. Meltzer. His Aesthetics of Rock is about as dense as Heidegger, but his columns in Creem, and even Rolling Stone (remember when it wasn't absolute shit?) are untouchable. "Electrocute your Cock" is some sage advice years before it was even needed. Why was no one listening. I wonder, in an alternate universe, if this song was mandatory listening, would the average child's body be this grotesque sack of fat? How did we get to this point? Don't kids skate or do anything anymore? Sorry fat bodies, you lose.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Void-Condesed Flesh

I don't know who (if anyone) reads this thing, but you're either going to say "how obvious," or "I have no idea what this shit is." If you're the first type, well, then I'll try to put up something you'll like at another time. If, however, you haven't heard the brilliance of Void, well then, prepare thyself. The atonal riffing is hardly the Minor Threat barr chord things you might expect. This is almost more like Sonny Sharrock or some out guitar shit. It's so easy to hype this band, but man, they deserve it. They were part of a scene (kind of), but so much different than it. Don't come to this with the standard sXe D.C. expectations. If you do, you'll miss the whole point. This is far beyond that.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Angry Samoans-Inside my Brain

An ongoing debate between some friends and I is the worth of good lyrics in music. They (mostly writers) preach the value of poignancy and the connections established from lyrics that speak for something beyond the mundane. I get it, to a point. I mean I like Leonard Cohen. But part of me clings to the fact that some things that are super trivial make the best subject matter. If you're in my camp, then songs about dads, cough syrup, girls, and cars probably appeal to you. Of course, this shit makes me feel super old, as I don't think about that shit much (barring girls), but I love how it taps into a certain perspective of youthful cretainism. I can't forget my roots. Nor should you. It's time to feel young again and rise like that glowing phoenix you always hoped you'd become. Let's recaptured that youthful flourish once again. Go out a break a window. Ride your bike down a flight of stairs. Throw a bottle of booze at a car. Just don't make me part of your impending lawsuit.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come-Galactic Zoo Dossier

For Troy. Ask and ye shall receive. Anytime someone has some requests, I'm more than obligated to fulfill it. So here's more Arthur Brown. If someone like Plastic Crimewave (Steve Krakow) can name his zine (the best thing I've read in the past ten years or so) after this album, then who am I do say that it's not worth a listen? I just prefer the synth/drum machine freakout of Journey more. Not to say this isn't good, it's just not as mind blowing in my demented mind. There'll be more Arthur Brown to follow, if you're keepin' tabs.