Sunday, January 17, 2010

Die Kreuzen-Cows and Beer 7"

One more reason to love Milwaukee. Hmm...this might be the best hardcore disc ever released. It's a tough call, but yeah, I think I'd pick this one. It gets kinda difficult to follow this band after their self titled album (though October File certainly has some great moments). And I don't think we need to explore their Cheap Trick tribute side project. Instead, lets just appreciate some Midwest greatness. Utterly essential listening.



  1. Yes, and still so unheralded. They should be up there in the ranks with Black Flag, etc.

  2. Much as I like Black Flag this leaves them standing. I have the first lp too but never heard anything they did afterwards. Every review I've read about their later efforts says they nosedived big time.

  3. Unfortunately, tis true. They started off strong but went a bad 80s metal bent in the latter phase. Still, the early stuff is pretty aces in my book.