Friday, January 1, 2010

Grateful Dead-Mountains of the Moon

Yeah, yeah...I'm aware that every weird beard is now coming out of the wood work proclaiming their love for the Dead. But there's still plenty of willfully ignorant sods that just refuse to acknowledge that this band rules. Sonic Youth, any freak-folk rigmarole, damaged acidheads, are all ripping this band off and selling it to pitchfork arse licks as something new. So if you've heard them and dislike them, I'd still suggest giving this bootleg a listen. There's some outtakes from the magnificent Aoxomoxoa album, including The Barb Wire Whipping Party. If you haven't heard this before you'll never guess it's the Dead. Sounds more like some cavemen goosestepping on their way to murder a clown. And there's also some early Dead, when they were still known as the Warlocks, mixed in to up the garage factor. Grow up and give this a listen.


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