Sunday, January 17, 2010


Wrestling has long had a connection to the world of rock. Captain Lou Albano was lauded by NRBQ (and was in a Cyndi Lauper video), I think Hulk Hogan had an album, and there's been endless awesome rock entrance theme songs. The Road Warriors and Demonlition both had a kinda pre-black metal corpse paint thing going on. And there was err....the Rockers. But this one isn't some hokey gimmick. For this psych, biker rock, funk classic old school wrestler Beauregarde enlisted the aid of 17 year old Greg Sage (The Wipers) to provide the best Hendrix imitation that a 17 year old can. Beauregarde was probably better in the square circle than on the vinyl disc, but there's a interesting sub-Doors darkness that permeates this recording. And on the back sleeve he's driving one of the most bad ass motorcycles I've ever seen.



  1. Killer Greg Sage foot note............I'm happy to know this blog

  2. Thanks Troy,

    I only thought some of my friends read this thing. And what happened to your blog? I stolen many good albums from it some time back.

  3. um......I just reacquainted my old friendship with this kid Austin......he plays in L.A. punk band Tuberculosis. I'm going to post their demo in a few days and hopefully get back on the ball. Computer problems....summertime in VT(which you have to take advantage of when it is there), and was a choice of reading or doing posts and I had just discovered Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian.