Saturday, January 2, 2010

Red Krayola-Megapost

I got a pretty good reaction to the Mayo Thompson post and was requested to post more of his material. But it was metal month and I couldn't break the theme, so now here's all the Red Krayola stuff I have. This spans the range from their early psych, free form wig outs to their late 70s post-punk, to whatever it is that they do now. All I can say is that Mayo Thompson is a true master and it's a crime that so few sing his accolades. I guess it's easy to love the weird early stuff, but I find all of his work appealing. They're almost able to make Texas likable...almost.

a parable of arable land

kangaroo? (with art & language)
god bless the red krayola and all who sail within it
coconut hotel
soldier talk
three songs on a trip to the u.s.

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