Saturday, January 2, 2010

Rock Jack-Belly Bones

There was one blog that really made me want to start this piece of shit up in the first place. So you can blame Aesop over at the almighty Cosmic Hearse for this travesty. After my rant on kids posted in the Dandelions post, I started to rethink my position once this album popped into mind. and you can thank Aesop and his partner for Ezra. This kid is too cool. Cooler than me for sure...cooler than you most definitely. He's the reason vasectomies can be reversed and losers like me who bitch about kids are proven wrong. This little dude sings the truth; "Darth Vader is Mean"--definitely. And he was only 3 when he was singing this universal truth. And if you think you could come up with something as brilliant as "Toilet Master" you must have had a hard hit upside your noggin. The only reason not to download this now would be that both of your hands are in casts and your clicking finger just won't work. And even that's a pretty lame excuse. Get your mom to click on the link you basement dweller. Albums like this make an old curmudgeon like me optimistic. Maybe the kids will have their say and it will be about rocking asses off. Kids=1, old losers (us)=0.


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