Monday, March 28, 2011

13th Floor Elevators-Easter Everywhere

I figure I'd jump out ahead on all the people planning on posting this actually on Easter. I have no idea when that is, nor do I care, but I know it's some time around now. And since it is Alex's favorite holiday (weirdo) I might as well give him something other than that chocolate egg I plan on laying in his shoe while he’s asleep. I expect zero downloads from this one folks as I am sure everyone and their Charlie Brown looking uncle has it already. But what the hell? And sweet baby godzuki don't let it be known if you don't already have this. Terribly embarrassing really. Here

Stenblomma-Alla Träd Har Samma Rot

I’ve received some comments on the recent Älgarnas Trädgård post and that being the case, I assume several of you out there dig the heady cosmic sounds the Swedes were bring. For my money, that might have be the most fertile grounds for serious psych cultivation. I’ve posted like ten or so albums from that geo-temporal intersect and I can say that they are all amazing. This one ranks so very high in such an impressive cannon. While it might not be as recognized as things like Träd Gräs och Stenar or Parson Sound it definitely can hold it’s own against them. Released on the ever excellent Silence label, whom I’ve found to be extremely nice people. Here

Tim Blake-Blake's New Jerusalem

Back to back Blake for you. This is another one of those Gong related records that are actually worth the listen (see my previous Dashiell Hedayat post for further evidence). While I know Gong has a list of anti-fans (won't use the term haters (too old for that)), don't forget that Blake also put in time in the almighty Hawkwind. And christ, look at the cover. If it was just his outfit alone, the spirit of fashion would compell you to listen to this. Add in the synth cavern that Blake dwells within and it's irresistible. Sometimes the option of living in some synth pod removed from the existence of others, relying just on the beautiful tones I create and rehydrated future foods (see Back to the Future II), just sounds so alluring. I hereby apply as a volunteer to live within such structure if someone is will to construct it. Here

Karl Blake-The Prehensile Tales (solo archives 1977-1981)

A commenter recently inquired as to whether I enjoyed the work of Karl Blake. To which I first thought “fuck yes I do,” and secondly “why haven’t I posted anything involving this insanely talented and prolific man?” So here is some, if only to set my worried soul at ease. Naturally, I could have posted some Lemon Kittens (I will most likely do that at some point), Shock Headed Peters are a definite listen too. The Underneath, the millions of other projects all want inclusion. But I think I’ll go with the solo works instead. If you’re a fan of any of the bands previously mentioned then this is required listening material. Now go get yourself a sundae. Extra nuts for you toughguy. Here

Gil Melle-The Andromeda Strain OST

Bloody hell. I'm killing time in my office and this fucking computer is so unbelievable slow that it took me nearly a half hour to be able to set up this post. But now that we're all past that, I might as well get to the music. You'll first note the weird shape of this album jacket, which unfolds (like a lotus blossom) to reveal an even weirder shaped record (is it hexagonal?). While it might seem a bit gimmicky, it actually is the perfect encapsulation of the out there electronic brew that Melle has concocted. Typically, the Crichton association is instant rejection, but even his dirty fingers can’t soil this soundtrack masterpiece. Here

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trees Community-The Christ Tree Live

First, the obligatory disclaimer and/or warning: this is another one of those “I love God,” weirdo, psych collectives. Believe me, it scares me too. But then I listen to this and I can just ignore all of that stuff. I’ve posted things like this in the past, so it seem s like many of you are able to do that as well. Or maybe you’re just obsessed with Jesus. And that’s fine by me so long as you don’t ask me to join your church (do not fucking e-mail about this please). .This was originally included on a real nice box set I picked up a few years ago. That must be long gone but I think their sole album is still available, so you might want to pick that up if you’re in more need of exotic, higher key, Jesus praising, cult, psych insanity. Look at the picture and you'll know what this sounds like.


John Carpenter-Escape from New York OST

My friends and I had a viewing party of the Thing a few weeks ago and I was reminded once again just how much I love John Carpenter’s films. No doubt, the Thing is ten plus stars and the Morricone soundtrack is definitely worth owning, but I did kind of wish that Carpenter soundtracked it himself. And that made me go back and listen to this classic. This would still be worth owning if it was only the snippets of dialog included here. Thankfully, we get much more than that. Oh, so much more.


Teiji Ito-Meshes: Music for Films and Theater

You ever have crushes on dead people like me? Is that natural? I don’t mean some necrophilic desire but that feeling that you’re really not living in the right era. Well, Maya Deren was one of my long running crushes. Just look at her most famous photo of her looking out the window and tell me you don’t want to spend all day laying around in bed with her doing crosswords together. Lucky Teji Ito was not only a talented composer but was married to Deren at some point. All of her shorts are worth checking out, but I think it’s really Ito’s soundtrack work that affects me the most. Meditative, haunting, and definitely worth a listen. This means nothing to me but it might to a few of you, this was reissued by John Zorn at some point.



On paper this combo sounds like the worst shit imaginable. Oft described as some weird alchemic transmutation of Weezer (one of my most loathed bands) and a classic NWOBHM sound, I wasn’t too sure if this was going to live up to the acclaim. Thankfully, it does. And I can’t figure out how it does. It’s kind of like when you’re walking around and you see something on the ground and you can’t tell not only what it is, but even if it’s organic or synthetic. One of those objects that you really have no idea where the fuck it came from or how it might be used. And then you stare at it for awhile, and people begin to think you’re a nut and then you move on.



Not sure if we’re supposed to think of Monguito as being some celestial orb eerily looking down from the firmament to observe our sins. I suppose I kinda like that idea a little more than the whole old man with white beard myth that I keep hearing about. Monguito demands that we listen, and I believe it’s about time that we prick up our ears, if you haven’t done so already. It’s on Fania so you’ll probably know what this will sound like. As the weather turns warm this will be blasting out of my Saab. I’m sure the rednecks won’t be pleased. Mind you, I still see confederate flags on a daily basis.