Saturday, January 9, 2010

Moby Grape

A lot of my friends are really into Skip Spence's Oar and all of the psychotic beauty it contains. But when asked about their take on the Grape, nary a option is rendered. In an attempt to alleviate this travesty, here's their debut for your listening pleasure. Yes, Skip has a few tunes here (and they're some real doozies), but that's only one reason to listen to this true psych classic. From opening track to its close, there's not one bum track. It has to be one of the most consistent psych classics of all time. There's plaintive meditations, blues rave ups, psych noodle scratchers, and so much more. Fuck Cat Power for messing with the fantastic "Naked, If I Want To." Keep your mitts off the classics sugar, and stick with your temper tantrums. Go on, give it a taste.


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