Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Coachmen-Failure to Thrive

Another in the "before they were famous" series. This one is probably a bit more known than some of the others I've posted simply because it was Thurston Moore's first band. No, it doesn't sound like Sonic Youth, but it doesn't need to. This stands up just fine on its own. He just happens to be in the band, but it doesn't sound like it's his band alone. Up beat, angular, catchy and fun. Sure, I like Sonic Youth more but that doesn't mean I don't like this too. I thought more people would be aware of this by now. It's not a well guarded secret or anything.


John Cage with David Tudor-Present Variations IV

By now, I surely doubt that there is anyone who requires an explanation as to who John Cage is. And I'm not gonna give it. If any soul actually needs me to explain this man's work then they should probably hop into his steam punk, time traveling submarine and go back to when new music started. While you're jaunting around you might as well familiarize yourself with, oh say, Shakespeare. Perhaps Rembrandt as well. And what the shit is with these steam punks anyways? It reminds of a sphynxian riddle "are steam punks ugly because they are steam punks or are steam punks steam punks because they are ugly?" No joke, I have never seen any fool all done up in this nonsense that didn't deserve even more ridicule that s/he received. I'm holding off on all trends until nuclear Phoenicians starts happening. Then I'll be all over that shit.


Leitmotiv-2 x 7"s

Man, getting these two images to line up was a massive pain, but well worth it since this double header is a must own. Writing that last sentence i was reminded of a girl I used to be friends with and how one drunken party she earned herself that nickname. But I shouldn't really tease since I remember some good times where shared in a tool shed together. And at least she wasn't known as "stairway to heaven" as another girl I know was dubbed. But enough about blow jobs. Here's one for all the fake post-punk kids moping about nowadays. What do you call yourselves anyways? Post-post-punks or just ill informed plagiarists? Please respond, I'd really hate to offend.


Poison Dwarfs-Wechselbad

Yes, it is from 1980's German (that's a good thing in my book) but it doesn't really sound like all the bands you could rattle off from that time period in that particular region of the globe. I just think this one would pair nicely with the Blago Bung album below. It's more synthy and experimental but it's also one of those cassettes that people from very disparate interests could find enjoyment. And with things being as shitty as they are I think we could all use a little bit of that in our lives. Too bad it is in such a grotesque form.


Blago Bung-Kärleken & Döden

I don't think I can actually tell you anything about this album aside from it's Swedish (I think) and it is good. I can tell you more about what I hear but music descriptions always seem so boring to be. Don't you agree? Of course you do because you're a charming, well reasoned individual with impeccable tastes. And it is for those reasons that you would want to download this great relic of the 80's. Then you can write your own descriptions and they'll be much more meaningful. Reference those pangs of nostalgia conjured up by the winsome production and recall the time you bought that expensive gift for that girl you were long friends with but secretly loved and the day you were planning on giving it to her she told you about her new boyfriend and how you vowed never to love again. But there's no need for the long face there guy, it's only music and your memories are fake anyways.


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Drums of Death: Field Recordings In Ghana

I could care less about John Zorn. I know some people obsess over every note the guy squeezes out, but the guy does a lotta squeezin' so it gets a bit old. Oddly, he's listed as the producer of this album of field recordings of traditional Ghanian funeral music. I think that it just proves that he's better at getting people together and letting them do what they do then actually playing music. This album would be most appropriate for nights alone with a bottle of cough syrup and a loin cloth. And don't be afraid to dance. No one is watching anyways.


Bob Bannister-Dives and Lazarus:Death Chants, Breakdowns, and Tape Loops

Dear lord, did Ptolemaic Terrascope ever get it right by including this disk on its top 100 records list. And it's the one that I mention to other psych heads and have never gotten a straight response. The phonies will claim that they actually know what this is, but they don't. You know those types who've heard everything but for some reason only seem to talk about whatever the current trend is. Don't trust them people. But for most of us, this isn't an album that gets much cred. And that means people are really missing out on something special. At its core, the album consists of traditional folk tunes. That's fine as it is and it's nothing to sneer at. Then there's all sorts of interesting dronal textures that surround the tunes. This album definitely proves the point that experimentation can be done with subtlety and taste rather than the heavy handed "hey look at me getting weird" posturing that kills so many albums.


Arbete och Fritid

More NWW listers for open eared listeners. These Swedes reach for the weirdo outer cosmos propelled by trad Noric fuel and prog rock juice. My love of Swedish psych has now been long documented (and links quickly erased) so if you look back at some of the old posts you'll find a list of kindred spirits who participated in some strange transcultural synthesis. Normally, I'd say keep your horns away from my rock, but it somehow isn't some horrible bleating here and finally, in one of those rare turns, works. This album is all over the place and is only better for it.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Creeps in Service-Creep Scanner Mix #1

This has been sitting in cold storage for some time and seeing as how all of my links are now dead, I figure I might as well start fresh with this one. I do not claim to be some sort of mix master so rather than compiling all these choice for you sluts I opted to take a thematic approach. Theme #1: Creeps. Don't worry, there's no Radiohead here (way too obvious). Instead, I poached tracks about creeps, creepers, and people creeping. If I was a smarter man I'd make some nice cover art and doing it up proper but I'm a simpleton so instead you get some Victorian children. And children always seemed like little creeps anyways. Let me know if the mix goes down well. I already have ten or so made but if this one sucks I guess there wouldn't be much point of posting them.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Creep Scanner Under Lockdown

Well, it seems that mediafire has locked me out. So I contacted them and am waiting to see if they will eventually unlock my files. I'm guessing the will not. If my account remains in limbo then I suppose I'll just start up a new one. Oddly enough, it might still be a mediafire account since it's the service I prefer. Are there any suggestions that might be better?

And too make things seem a little less dire, I've decided to transcribe a bit of dialogue I had with two very drunk girls last night. To set the scene, I was at my local, by myself (natch), enjoying a beer and trying to draw the least amount of attention to myself:

Girl 1: "Hey, do you want to get busy?" (She seriously said this as her opening line)
Me: "Huh?" (with bemused/repulsed look on my face)
Girl 1: "Well, my friend and I think you're cute" (clearly a lie)
Girl 2: "Has anyone ever told you you look like Jude Law?"
Me: "Yes." (True: I've heard this one pretty often (always from drunk girls)).
Girl 1: "Yeah, you have glasses and a leather jacket."
Girl 2" "Wait does Jude Law wear a leather jacket?"
Me: "I assume he has at some point."
Girl 1 & 2: "Oh."

Inane conversation continues until I finish smoking my cigarette and I flee their stupidity. So that ends the story about how a turned down a threesome with some very idiotic girls.

It might be some time before I'm back in the game, so if you're someone who might be curious about what I'll be doing I've provided a list:

1.) Bird watching
2.) Walking
3.) Train watching
4.) Buying antiques
5.) Drinking
6.) Reading
7.) Grading Papers
8.) Sleeping
9.) Practicing yo yo tricks
10.) Playing with my cat

I think that documents the fascinating life I currently lead. But being an adult in a town with no friends leaves little room for exciting adventures. So don't worry if this blog is suspended for a while. You're not missing out on much.

Til then,