Monday, March 19, 2012

Гражданская Оборона-Multipost

It's odd noticing that this band has risen in the ranks as being one of the most sought posts I've done thus far. We're talking almost 2,000 different people have been looking for albums by them and have stumbled on this site. That may as well be 2,000,000 people in the way my maths work. But what a fucking great band (see my past write up for more detail as to why they are one of my all time favorites). I almost don't feel like writing much else because when a band has a special place it almost seems like I might be dispelling some of the allure by comparing to this and them. I think I can do a pretty decent job of being empathetic and trying to understand
issues from others' perspectives, but I cannot imagine what it would have been like to live in Russia and to hear this group for the first time. Granted, my knowledge of Russian music is a bit limited, but this still just seems out of place in nearly every context. Perhaps kids will finally start bringing the mystery, passion, and poeticism which made this group matter so much. I know I complain a lot about kids starting shitty soundalikes and thinking they're all the better for it (i.e. see every band that started to record post 2000), but if people want to dare try to emulate this lot, well, you'd make an old man proud. Anyways, here's 4 albums to get your collection going (one is a repost). I cannot overstate just how vital these recordings are. Nab them all now or wait for mediafire to delete my links again and then cry about it (I will not keep reposting them).

Оптимизм (1985)

Поганая молодёжь (1985)

Свет и стулья (1988-9)

Здорово и Вечно (1989)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bluenose B-E.P.

No need to be jealous anymore internet friends, I've decided to ditch all of my physical friends. At least the ones in Kansas City. Turns out, none of them can actually understand what it means when I find an Eames chair for $25, or talk about recipes, or clothes, or books, or movies, and certainly not music. I suppose it's my fault for surrounding myself with 20 something girls who treat me like a dad or weirdo and/or gay older brother. I'm good for moving their furniture, cooking them dinner, listen to their complains about the stupid 20 something rapist guys they date but that's about all. So I'm done with the lot. Better it's me and my kid brother and sis on the phone than have a bunch of people use me for bullshit and then get mad that I don"t want to jaunt off to some booty grinding club with them (not that they'd be rubbing their booties on me anyways). And this album is a good example of the type of texts I'm talking about (using texts in a liberal sense here). I can play this for those types and what would they care. And some of you might not either. But this is shit I actually get excited about. Haven't we all had enough of dispassionate people? When will enthusiasm and passion be chic? Hate to sound like an old curmudgeon (well, not really) but what happened to people giving a fuck about the things they love?


Urinals-Negative Capability

I espied that some internet trawlers reached my site in the hopes of downloading that 100 Flowers comp I posted some time back. And had the dickless fucks (no offense ladies, I'm talking about metaphorical cocks) over at mediafire didn't close my account, they could have enjoyed a truly great band. But if there's still an interest I thought I'd put up this one, seeing as it was what 100 Flowers was before they were 100 Flowers. Did I mention that band name enough in one post? As far as I know this is all their stuff. And being that lately I've been hanging out with a bunch of art school punks half my age or so who only know whatever shit passes as hip these days, I might need to go back a ways and teach some history. An early entry, but an essential one at that. But oddly enough, one that is probably enjoyed more by non-punks than actual (I mean wardrobe wise) punks.


"I'm completely operational and all my circuits are functioning normally": Creep Scanner Mix #2 Robots

If you're past the age of ten, then you probably realizes that humans suck. If you haven't by now, I suppose you also believe in dirty hippies flying through the air and healing lepers too. So this theme mix is for our superiors: robots. I suppose it's a bit obvious and not that off beat of a subject, but tons of good music has praised our metal mates and I just want to share some cuts. Also, I keep thinking about how a decade or so ago I heard about some German sex bots that were in the works. What ever happened to that technology. I promise, once those hit the market you'll never hear from me again. So get to work Adolph, I'm tired and lonely. For the rest, enjoy this lazily compiled mix. And I'm open to theme suggestions. Really, I will try my hardest to compile mixes of whatever topic is thrown at me. So send your suggestions along and I'll see what I can do.

And here's a picture of my new band. Note: I'm the one without the hat.



I think this is a rather dubious comp of a wide swath of this Swede psych-pop combo. I don't have a real cover so I just chose a 45 for your eyentertainment. And putting this thing together I realized that the track order and titles have all gotten fucked up now, but you'd be quite the dummy to let that prevent you from enjoying these sounds. And ass, you can always edit it later. I just heard from a neighbor that she thought a bunch of people lived in my apartment because of the number of empty beer bottles I put out on the curb. Unfortunately, it's just me and a cat, and she doesn't drink. But, with beer in hand at the moment, I have to say that these songs rule.


Swell Maps-Jane From Occupied Europe

Right off the bat, "Let's Build a Car" is the best song ever (not found here). And don't argue with me about this because I carry a straight edge and a knife and I've been known to fight people for less than this. Seriously, I recently had to tell some fat fuck to close his mouth because he was talking about vagina feet and other nonsense while I was at my bar. So if minor offenses like that are severely dealt with how do you think I would react to someone challenging me on this issue. And we all know of bands that have two "geniuses" in their ranks (fuck no, not the Beatles, unless you mean Ringo and George). But howsabout three. Man, this band is so good I want to waste all of my money on some resurrection device just so they can play again. Say, does anyone know who that black magic(k) stuff works anyways?


The Telescopes-Precious Little

NO, No, no. There is no good reason to get into this argument about whether they ripped off Spacemen 3 or not. I don't care. We are all constantly ripping off people. I don't say that you wear jeans because some railway worker sported them some decades ago. Most likely you wear them because you say some idiot in a shitty band like Girls wear them (is that where your stupid hair cut and love of cults comes from?), but it doesn't matter. Lets drop this notion of "authenticity" and realize that we're all just a bunch of phonies pretending to be something better than we are (i.e. garbage covered in skin). So, I'm not going to hear complaints about this band. Everything they've done is gold to my ears. And in a hypocritical turn (check out the volta), young'uns stop playing this type of music. If you weren't at least a teenager when this stuff was coming out it's better to have your parents tell you about it. Unless you're going to get all Spirit-like and have a parent (or step-parent for that matter) in your band. Then you're cool.


Sandy Bull-Inventions

What needs to be sed about this string bender that already hasn't? Not much I suppose. Lovers of Fahey, Basho, Takoma records, American Primitive all have reasons to celebrate Bull's catelogue. Being that I'm a man who indulges greatly in all the aforementioned subjects, far be it for me to say anything cross about this man's work. In fact, as much as I love all of those things, ole Sandy seems to hold a special place in my heart. Is it the arsenal of string instruments he poses with on the cover? Or those clean cut, Beach Boyish looks (that masked a nasty horse habit)? Dunno what it is. I suppose it's probably his ability to take anything notes can be made with and create sounds that seem more like an alien soundtrack or those amazing songs you hear in your dreams and wake up convinced they actually exist.