Friday, January 29, 2010

Antioch Arrow-Gems of Masochism

What a crime. Only tiny pictures could be found of this peach. And such a silly cover really needs more than just this. Punk and Goth cultures have always been intrinsically linked despite whatever the aide-de-camp of each might claim. History has shown that when the mood called for some doomy romanticism, punks picked up on gothic tropes. And, obviously so much of the goth subculture evolved directly from the punks. But goth & hardcore have a different history. Yet there was a time when it seemed like this unholy union might actually lead to some interesting new sounds. Ink & Dagger, Crimson Curse, and Antioch Arrow all instigated this genre exercise. And here's what it led to. The screamo vocals are replaced by whispers & coos. The spasmodic playing typical of the San Diego style is still present, but it's supplemented with organ grinder creaks and dark synth moves. This album might be responsible for a lot of the garbage that is now emo (well, I doubt those kids actually listened to this, so maybe not), but if that's the case, let's cut them some slack. It remains a terribly underrated album.


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