Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pink Reason-By a Thread 7"

Since his first 7" Kevin (Pink Reason) instantly became one of my favorite musicians of the 2000s. Cleaning the Mirror was such a classic album that cycled through so many moods and sounds that it's still hard to find equivalents of such quality. And I think that's probably the reason I can always come back to this dude's music. Every release sounds different, yet they all sound great. So sometimes you get the lo-fi Royal Truxisms, dark, creaky folk, manic punk, bloozy stomp, bedsit mopery, shoe gazing fuzz pop--just about anything that you liked in your teens and was hoping someone would come along and revitalize. Any of his work could have been posted, I just think By a Thread might be his best song. So there.


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