Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pete Cosey-Thank Your Motherfucking Ass

Hey thanks Viles,  It's nice to know that when a brother is down there's always someone there to kick him  in the dick with some info that he just doesn't want to hear.  Kidding aside, it wasn't until our dear fellow reader shared this news that I was aware of this guitar master's passing.  Typically, I'd avoid any sort of sentimental bullshit, but this dude was legit.  Shredding all over the place like a true motherfucker.  But always with some beatific refined cool that everyone else seemed to lack.  Extra points goes from being a Chicago fella too (and look at how rad he was in the above pic), but seriously, this guy laid down some essential sounds.  This will probably be one of the only write ups I do of dead people.  I actually cried like a baby when Alex Chilton died and didn't write shit.  Maybe that should clue you in to how important Pete was.

Cardiac Arrest-A Bus for a Bus on the Bus 7"

I'm still knee deep in the reup process and figure at this rate it'll take a month or so to get it all back on mediafire.  Shit's slow.  So I figure I might as well post something new in the mean time since I'm sure there's several people being kept alive by the mere chance that they might get to bathe their eyes one last time with some choicely selected words by yours truly.  And I don't want to be responsible for any dead grandparents or suicides.  But speaking of shit, how's your day been?  If it's anything like mine then it's barely worth getting out of bed for.  All of that positive change and goodness I was attempting to force myself into believing I could actually achieve...well, you can forget that shit.  I'm not sure who I'm fooling (some girls and some dummies I suppose (me being the biggest dummy)).  It's kinda like this post.  You probably know them as the Cardiacs.  If you don't know them as the Cardiacs then you need to do some boning up.  So between being Cardiac Arrest and the Cardiacs they continued to be equally as great.  But they didn't try to pull some wholesale change of the formula.  The certainly refined it through later releases but they didn't forget what made them them.  I think that was my mistake.  I know I'm a crabby person that people don't get along with.  My parents are even surprised that I have friends (thanks mom & dad), so why would I believe that I can instantly become this good person?  I think it's a little to late in the game for that whole shell game switch.  But it's not to late for you to get hip to this band and eventually (when they're reuped) check back on all of their other things I've posted.  They've always been some of the most downloaded albums on this site.  And just look at how beautiful and intelligent this audience is, could they possibly be wrong?


Reups are to leave me the fuck alone

Yes folks, the title reads correctly.  I am in the process of trying to repost links to all my dead posts.  It feels enough like a graveyard around here so I might as well try to add what people are actually here for (what, you mean you don't like hearing me complain about everything that can possibly be cpomplained about?).  This should amuse the people who pester me daily to repost things even though  I keep saying I am not going to.  But now that I got dumped (big surprise) I've got a lot of time on my hands.  Aside from riding my bike this blog and my cat are about the only things I'm taking any interest in at the moment.  So my loss is your gain.  I suppose that beats sending drunken come on text messages to my boss (yes, I did that too (serious moment of weakness )).  I've already had one of my new posts yanked so don't be an idiot and sit on things like they are somehow permanent.  Most likely, this account will be deleted and I'll have to start once again (hmm...apt metaphor for my life), but until it's finally time to open up my veins I might as well command this shit heap for a while longer.  Reposts will start from the newest dead links (February or January of 2011) and work their way backwards.  And don't be an impatient ass.  I know the album you actually wanted to hear was posted 2 years ago, but this shit takes time.  You should have grabbed it then.  And I'm also planning on slipping in some new posts too.  In the mean time, I wrote up a little thing on Wreck & Reference for this collective web zine thing I'm loosely affiliated with.  Can't say I understand that much of how it works, but it seems like they've got a decent attitude and clearly sophisticated taste demonstrated by them approaching me to write for them.  Check it out here:  I kinda like their little blurb about me too.

Friday, June 1, 2012

John Buck Wilkin-In Search of Food, Clothing, and Sex

If you read the title of this album you know that this guy knew about all that is vital to living.  Is there anything else to add?  Of course not.


The Triffids-Peel Sessions

I think it might have been in Mojo that I read these guys described as looking like you neighbors but sounding like psychos.  Check the mugs then listen to the tunes and it makes sense.  Really, "Life of Crime" is impossibly essential if you're anything like me and have an aching romantic streak to go on a blunderbuss of violence and lust.  Jeez, how the hell did my favorite song type become the songs of killing sprees and intolerable love?  Am I the only person out there who finds this shit just too romantic and the perfect escape from the tedium of it all?  Hmm...I used to wonder why I was single, I think I have my answer. All that aside, it's a fucking perfect song.  Don't let my own psychotic fantasies ruin it for you.


Mary Lou Williams-Black Christ of the Andes

Call it jazz, call it spiritual paeans, call it what you will.  This is a must listen if you haven't heard it before and I have zero believe in anything holy or whatnot.  It's all mumbo jumbo to me, yet that doesn't prevent me from giving this a ringing endorsement as a straight up weird record that draws from all the aforementioned types of musics but exists on a plane all by itself.  I'm a little concerned that this will get my mediafire account shut down once again because I see that folkw*ys has a connection here and I know they can be pretty serious about their money grubbing.  So get it while the gettin' is good.  Here's hoping I don't get another mediafire wipe.  But rest assured little one, no matter how many deletions I have to go through Old Uncle Jerry will keep posting things no one wants to hear.  Just don't pester me about the reups.  They're coming in time.


Thirteen Moons-Origins

Never heard this until recently though it's been around for a long time.  But sometimes I'm snail like when it comes to tracking down music that doesn't necessarily fall into my lap.  Thankfully, I happened upon this band by a chance which I can't even remember how it occurred.  One of those rare fortuitous moments I suppose where change actually doesn't lead to a serious fucking over (but that's my life...).  Sam and other people looking for more good period Talk Talk now have a new band to champion because these Swedes bring jazzy anti-rock depressives that just ooze melancholy in all the best ways.  A million post rock bands didn't hear these guys and somehow made shit that drew from it but then added all these dumb explosions and crashes when none of them were needed at all.  But these guys knew that years before it ever happened.


De Brassers-En Toen Was Er Niets Meer 7"

Belgium has more to offer than waffles even though that's probably the thing I crave most from that nation.  Sometimes though I crave some really really primitive and emotional (is cathartic the critics' word for that type of thing) music.  These guys provide the goods when that's the mood I'm in.  This cover completely rules and functions as a pretty decent indicator of the type of sounds you're going to here.  For those afternoon daymares and nail biting sessions that leave you with bloody fingers.  I think you know those days, righty frowny?


Bergen White-For Women Only

If you have a penis, stop reading this post because Ol' Bergen clearly had a specific market in mind when he was recording this platter and it didn't include you.  I'm almost afraid to post this here seeing as how I am one of the lesser sex.  The only problem is that this spot ain't exactly all that happening with the ladies, barring one or two (hi Holly & Rachel).  Okay, I guess some of us more effete dudes can get down with this too since it's actually quite a good album.  Another dollar find that definitely is worth far more than the hundred pennies spent on it.  Maybe us macs can use this is some trumped up seduction scenario.  I just expect a lot of laughs from you special lady when you start pumping this through your stereo.  It really should be titled "For Sad Aging Bastards Only," being as that's the only people who will probably give a shit about it anymore.