Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cardiacs-The Seaside

Here's some wonky goodness from overseas. This band just goes all over the place. So shifty, they're really difficult to pin down and describe. There's, no wait come actually works here. There's a proggy playfulness and musicianship that I'd typically sneer at, but it's not some high brow snooty muso-masturbation. At it's heart, this is an album full of fractured and restructured pop gems. Time to take a dip.

Here (Reuped 6/8/12)


  1. Saw the Cardiacs play live a few times back then and it was always an energetic affair. They are one of those bands that engender near fanaticism amongst those that connect with their style. I was a bit dismissive at the time but they sound great retrospectively, and very innovative. Poisoned Electrick Head and Ring are two other bands that dabbled in the same musical territory and are also worth tracking down. Great festival bands.

  2. You're a lucky human being. I would love to see them live. And I haven't heard either of those bands so I'll have to do some sleuthing now.

  3. Sadly it seems unlikely you will get to see them now due to Tim Smith's health problems. Ironically a cardiac arrest a couple of years ago has left him unable to perform since. A great shame. On that depressing note I hope you enjoy PEH and Ring. PEH should be easy enough to find. Ring are a bit trickier so here's a link:
    You will have to imagine the theatrics that accompanied these bands' performances.