Sunday, January 3, 2010

Charles de Goal-Algorythmes

When I was living in Albuquerque I accidentally was exposed to this disc when some guy from a marginally talented, yet somehow successful, boring indie rock band pulled this out of the dollar stacks at a friend's record store. We played it on the store speakers and everyone instantly wanted it. Unfortunately, said ass absconded with the album for a mere buck and I wasn't able to track this down for years. Now, here's your chance to enjoy some classic French new wave. At times it's a little Metal Urbain and Devo and all the other coldwave stuff the kids are aping these days. Kids, just because you can buy a synthesizer and fart out a few notes doesn't mean that it's a good idea. Show some tact. Importantly, there's an element of play and fun and rock in these songs that so much of the new stuff that rips off things like this forgets. Note: you can't be gloomy every day sweethearts.


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