Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mayo Thompson-Corky's Debt to his Father

A quick post before I return to my dissertation. As leader of the Red Krayola, and later member of Pere Ubu, Mayo Thompson has always been, and continues to be, a pioneer of weirdness. The free form freakouts of R.K. influenced so many, from Spacemen 3, to Galaxie 500, to basically anybody nowadays who explores the edges of the cosmos. Their clanky clatter transmuted into fractured pop songs challenged traditional notions of structure and form. Here, Thompson composes in the traditional pop medium yet produces some truly strange sounds. Like a cousin to Skip Spence's Oar, there's certainly identifiable pop songs, but all are tempered with an edge of madness. A true, one of a kind classic.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Electric Wizard-Dopethrone

I normally go on about how I like this or that album cover, but fucking christ, look at this thing. Satan smoking a bong. I don't think an album cover could possibly explain a band's sound more clearly than this. The whole stoner rock genre can be real tired and repetitive, but this one stands out to me. The Sabbath worship is present, but unlike other bands, these Brits add plenty of their own vision, creating a heavy as shit psychedelic morass. You almost feel high just listening to this. Smoke It.


Catholic Discipline-Babylon Underground

After watching Decline of the Western Civilization, I'm sure there were many others who tried to track down this band to find virtually nothing. It wasn't until many years later that this compilation surfaced and made my year. Fronted by Kickboy Face (Claude Bessy), mostly known as the editor of Slash Magazine, Catholic Discipline deserves the accolades so many of their L.A. peers unfairly receive. Songs like "Culture Sluts" (originally the tentative name of this blog), "Whip Them Lord," and nearly all the rest here have an unusually buzzy synth sound paired with Face's broken English stutter for a unique take on punk. There's even a Modern Lovers cover (though not a very good one, unfortunately).


Fraser & DeBolt-With Ian Guenther

Canada, you so rarely disappoint. While your gypsy, psych, folk scene might not have been your greatest export in the early '70s, you still offered us this beautiful gem. No joke, this is one of my all time favorites too. Despite it's major label release, this never received much attention, which is really unfortunate. They had a second (less interesting, but not bad) album and then called it a day. I think the lack of Guenther's violin stripped them of that edge that made the first so vital. Anyways, they'll always have this album. And now you can too.


George Coleman-Bongo Joe

If ZZ Top loves this guy, I see no reason why you shouldn't. They're definitely cooler than you. You didn't record Rio Grande Mud. Now, Bongo Joe doesn't have a weird beard, never shot himself with a Derringer he had hidden in his boot, never extolled the virtues of a nice set of gams, but he did write songs about dead dogs and that's always cool. This is mostly odd vocal chants accompanied by oil drum percussion. Dead for almost ten years now, I'd guess his nightly street performances are still missed by the folks of San Antonio. Definitely a weird one.


Jimmy Page-Lucifer Rising OST

The third Kenneth Anger soundtrack I've posted so far. This was the original soundtrack, but it was later replaced by Bobby Beausoleil's (of Manson family fame) work. It has nothing to do with the Led Zeppelin sound. There really isn't anything rock here at all. Instead, this keeps with the ritualistic tone of the film. Inspired by the Aleister Crowley, both film and soundtrack explore the mysteries of magick and ritual. While I've read some Crowley, most of it is lost on me, but the soundtrack is a trancey pleasure even if it wasn't completed.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stick Men With Ray Guns-Some People Deserve to Suffer

I live in a horizontally split duplex. Previous tenants have prided themselves on their discreetness to the point that it was difficult to tell when they were home. Not so with this current clan of sub-mongoloid, big foreheaded chuds. So this year's thank you goes out to them. Firstly, to the mom: thank you for keeping your loose flaps open long enough to pump out six future gas station attendants. I'm so glad that they never let me sleep for more than 4 hours a day. The constant, synchronized cry sessions are always a joy. This weekend the normal three miscreants are away, so the b team (seen only once a year, mind you) is in town. One of these kids (hope someone breaks your face soon) was playing a god damn saxophone. A fucking saxophone, at like 8 in the morning. Don't get me wrong. I know kids are kids and they need to do kid things. It's just that these kids are actually lousy kids. Genuinely stupid cry babies. Kids who think throwing a rock at my window (didn't break (nice arm pussy)) is a form of entertainment (again, while I'm sleeping) make me wish a mating license was required. And more thanks goes to their stupid hick dad. Everyday, you remind me of just how stupid a goatee looks. Why not have your slut take a dump and then sit on your mouth? Really, it'll look about the same.

So here's some Stick Men With Ray Guns. Slow, hate filled punk of the Texas persuasion. It makes sense that these guys were familiars with Butthole Surfers. Bobby Soxx always ruled.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Flesh Eaters-A Minute to Pray, A Second to Die

One more all time favorites before the day is done. Punk in a liberal sense, if you're idea of punk includes marimbas, voodoo imagery, and sax skronk. Kinda comparable to the first Gun Club record, this dark, bluesy punk mix goes beyond categorization. Singer, Chris D. might best be known for his production work (The Misfits, Dream Syndicate, Gun Club, Germs) and fictional works, here dials in a performance of anguish and horror. Also, includes members of X and the Blasters. I think I read that this is Byron Coley's favorite album of all time, and I can see why.


Philemon Arthur & The Dung- Musikens Historia del 1 och 2

Oh boy. Definitely in my top 5 records of all time. Again, there probably isn't much out there that sounds like this. So fucking weird, yet still nominated for a Swedish grammy. I have no idea how that happened. It's a odd, acoustic, folk mess. A Clanking, chanting, strumming pile of fun. This mysterious duo's identity still remains unknown. But look at the art and tell me that that alone doesn't make you want to give it a listen. What's that baby doing with the telephone? It's my favorite album art ever. Shame it made it onto the back.


Psi Com

Keeping in tone with the last post, I thought I'd put up another album by a band mostly known for a member who later became famous. In this case it prime idiot Perry Farrell (nee Bernstein) of such clasic bands like The Satellite Party and Porno for Pyros. You can say what you will about Jane's Addiction and I won't hold it against you, but don't expect that sound here. Instead, this is more of the L.A. death rock scene sound. Influenced by Bauhaus, Joy Division, and other pasty Brits, this an enjoyable piece of gloom.


Fecal Matter - Illiteracy Will Prevail

I'm posting this in light of the recent Nirvana reissue and the fact that now I'm really starting to feel old. I can't believe Bleach is older than some of my students. Nirvana has been a band that I liked, then hated, then liked again, and being so nostalgic recently I thought I'd post this demo, which documents some of Cobain's earliest work. I think the set up is basically him & drum god, Dale Crover (Melvins). Some of these tracks later found their way into Nirvana's repertoire. Not the best sound quality, but an interesting piece of the puzzle.


Departmentstore Santas – At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since, D.S.

This has always been a hard one to find. It took me forever to track it down, but I think, once again, Mutant Sounds came through with the goods. Well, this is a pop album I suppose, but it's so much weirder than what you'd probably expect from such a bland genre label. Songs about babies taking acid, and other odd topics abound. There's definitely a great sense of humor and play here, but it's certainly not a joke record. Get hip.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Axemen-Big Cheap Motel

Just saw these guys last night, and thought some of you who went with might want the album. I have to say, seeing a band where every member looks older than my dad and yet they can still rock is always impressive. I never did think I'd catch a kiwi band while living in West Virginia.

Link Removed

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dobri Isak-Mi Placemo Iza Tamnih Naocara

One last bummer before I wrap it up today. So, I know very little about this Yugoslavian group aside from the fact that they made this tape some time in 1984. The few things I've read about them claim they are the Yugo Joy Division, and I'll agree with that. That's it.


Spires that in the Sunset Rise

More gloominess from Illinois, but it's not metal at all. This is more like Comus or other weird pagan folk strum making for the perfect soundtrack to stir your witch cauldron. These ladies really create a racket that could have been recorded at any time. Certainly, there's a reference to the odd, British acid folk of the late '60s, but this could have fit in the 1460s as well. And the cover is really cool too.


Trouble-Psalm 9

Dooooooooooooooooooooooom. A stone classic. Coming out of fucking Aurora, these dudes drew from Sabbath & Priest to create a solid, doomy monster. Unfairly hyped as a Christian metal band, Trouble garnered respect but not too many fans. Yes, there are Christian elements, but it's not overwhelming. And Eric Wagner's vocals might turn people off, in that they're a kinda '80s, but don't let that scare you off from this work of brilliance.


Dead Raven Choir-My Firstborn Will Surely Be Blind

It's a grey, dull day around here. Thankfully, most of the students are out of town and you can actually drive now. But it's overcast and grim. Lots of leafless trees and barrenness. And this is the perfect soundtrack for such a day. Dead Raven Choir is basically one Polish dude (Smolken) who I think now lives in Texas (why?). There's a lot of droney cello, which perfectly fits the noisy grimness herein. And the song choices are fairly atypical. Fairport Convention, Townes Van Zandt, and I think even Neko Case (though I don't know that much about her). Definitely not your grandma's black metal.


Solger-Codex 1980

An utter classic. This slab of lo-fi noise punk came and went with little acknowledgement. I guess Seattle wasn't all that hip to this type of punk at the time. But years latter, and hype from people like Thurston Moore, this reissue demonstrates just how awesome Solger truly were. Look, songs like "Raping Dead Nuns," will certainly be classics just by the title alone. So prick up your ears.


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thai Elephant Orchestra- S/T

Fuck Yes! Elephants are definitely the best. So imagine how awesome it would be if they decided to jam. Playing custom made instruments, these two elephants get odd and spacey. Funny how humans make music that sucks so much more than this. Maybe their huge ears help. Who knows. But there's little doubt that this destroys.


The Misfats-Misfits Tribute E.P.

Get a load of these beauts. America's fattest Misfits cover band comes on strong with parodies that would make Weird Al cry. C'mon who doesn't want to here "Mommy, Can I go out and Grill Tonight?" This e.p. crushes that Pajo covers album like these dudes' asses crush toilet seats.


Rema-Rema-Wheel in the Roses

Although this was released on 4AD, don't expect anything ethereal. Instead, this e.p. has swelling dissonance mixed with simple tribal drums. Featuring a pre-Adam & the Ants Marco Pirroni on guitar, this album (all they released) proved influential with both goths & punks though sounding like neither (well, maybe a little punk). Big Black even went on to cover "Rema-Rema." See, post punk even had it's Bad Company moments of bands singing about their name.


Deep Purple-Machine Head

For Tress. You'll always be my Highway Star. Maybe this will cheer you up as the Bears prepare for another loss.


Rolling Stones-We Love You 7" (plus bonuses)

People not in the know tend to shit on the Stones doom psych masterpiece "Their Satanic Majesty's Request," claiming it was simply a bad Beatles imitation. However, these people forget that the Stones outdid the Beatles with that release. They brought a dark creepiness that the Beatles could never attain. This single (from '67) shows just how wigged out they could get. Some of this sounds like it could be recorded tomorrow. It's that relevant.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Basil Poeldouris-Conan the Barbarian & the Destroyer OST

For Cary. Happy birthday babe. Here's the perfect music for all of your sword and sandals adventures around Connecticut.

The Barbarian
The Destroyer

Friday, November 20, 2009

Venom-Live at City Gardens 7"

Yes, yes, Venom rule. But this isn't their typical sound. Instead, this is a live recording of Cronos's lovely stage banter with all the songs removed. As you can see on the flyer above, Venom toured with Black Flag, whose roadie, Joe Cole, recorded these hilarious stage antics. Thurston Moore later put this out on his label, and I think the Beastie Boys might have even sampled it. And note that evil ticket price.


Paul Giovanni & Magnet-The Wicker Man OST

Fuck you Nick Cage. I was thrilled when I recently heard your gullible ass was duped out of most of your money and that you had to sell of your chateaux and other luxury items you clearly do not deserve. I hope the rest of your money get soaked in syphilitic blood, which you then contract, and your dick falls off. That might almost be proper compensation for ruining such a classic film. And you'd still owe us for what you did to Ghost Rider. Anyways, this is the soundtrack to the real Wicker Man.

P.S. Everyone knows your bald so stop pretending


Kenneth Higney-Attic Demonstration

I probably shouldn't slag on an entire state, especially since so many of my students are from there, but man I do not like New Jersey. I've been told that there's actually pretty parts (where?). All I've seen is nasty urban wastelands and muscly dudes with terrible haircuts. Fine, shore core was alright, and who doesn't like the Misfits? But this is my pick for Jersey's finest. Higney was a trucker who recorded these demos with the hopes of getting some record deal. But there's no way anyone would touch this mutant. These songs are demented, atonal, yet rocking, glimpses into a mind that has been on the road so long that he's convinced himself that he can actually be a rock star. And since I'm generalizing about states anyhow--Fuck you Texas.

Just been contacted by Nick at One Kind Favor. He's working up a reissue of this great album. Support him here:



Metal heads get sad too. Sometimes the corpse paint isn't enough to mask the sorrow. Typically, the response comes in some form of buzzy, lo-fi, blackened metal. This album opts instead to draw from The Cure and other Brit goths but it still maintains a metal sound despite what all of my friends say. Judge for yourself. And what a cover.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hapshash & The Coloured Coat - Featuring The Human Host & The Heavy Metal Kids

Need more caveman thud? Who doesn't? If the Amon Duul album was of any interest then do yourself a favor and acquaint your ears with these English gents. Comprised of celebrated poster/album cover artists and members of Art (pre-Spooky Tooth) and Procol Harum, this baby was clanging away even before Psychedelic Underground. And check out that title. But don't be mislead, this is 1967 so the "Heavy Metal" is really present.



Living near Pittsburgh, I felt obligated to post this. And considering how most of the songs deal with wasting creeps or sons turning into creeps, I'm even more compelled. Ever wonder what it would sound like if Charles Bronson (one of the best actors ever) a garagey punk band? This isn't the punk band from DeKalb but some weirdos who put this out as an internet release. Paul Kersey lives!


The Weeds

This one is for Ryan. This is Fred Cole's first band before a string of equally great ones (Zipper, King Bee, The Rats, Western Front, Range Rats, Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows). Pretty much everything he's done is worth checking out. This is a garage rock classic that seems as relevant now as it 43 years ago. The band later adopted the much lamer name The Lollipop Shoppe at the behest of their manager but still continued to rock. Fred also has a super cool face tattoo.


Roy Wood-Boulders

Since I'm on my Roy Wood jag, I figured that this should be posted as well. Now, this really isn't that much like E.L.O. Wizzard, Idle Race, The Move, or any other Wood involved project. This reminds me more of some 90s bedroom dweller's music. It has that man alone in the studio vibe, which makes sense since I believe Wood played all of the instruments here. Charming and odd.


Electric Light Orchestra-S/T (No Answer)

For Alex. There's no need to front, E.L.O. rule. While they might be overused as a cross word answer, they still rock. Especially on this first album, largely in part to the participation of Roy Wood. Jeff Lynne had the cool shades, but Wood really brought the weirdness. If your more familiar with this band through commercials and fake indie films then give this a listen and be enlightened.


Mick Jagger-Invocation of my Demon Brother

Here's another soundtrack for an Anger film. But this isn't like the Halpern track at all. Instead, we get Mick Jagger dicking around with a moog. Even if you hate the Stones (why would you?) this is still something to be heard. As the song progresses it gets to some proto-industrial doom morse code.



Just look at these dudes and you should know what territory you're heading into. I have to imagine that this group was way out for Connecticut in the 70s. With band member names like Macho Beady, Fuzz Box Flynn. Spider Zito these guys weren't your typical punks. Man, that hair.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meatus Murder-More Songs About Balling and Food

I'm pretty sure this is an internet only release. While you can still probably download it from their site, I figured that I'd post it here anyways. Being from Chicago, I can appreciate any song about Scotty Pippen. Most of these songs are about sports, bad music, and other things set against music from other songs. For example, you hear the story of Mark McGuire unfold over Springsteen's "I'm on Fire." Hilarious.


Q Lazzarus-Goodbye Horses (Extended Mix)

For Jason and his spot on Buffalo Bill impersonation. Steve's is good too, but you win. So for everyone else, here's the track to soundtrack your next tuck job prance around. Oh Stottlemeyer, nice nip ring.


Neon Boys-7"

Here you're getting a pre-Television Billy Ficca & Tom Verlaine plus Richard Hell. Just looking at the names involved it's obvious that it's good. But sometimes these early, before-they-were-stars bands fail to live up to the hype. That's not the case here. Solid early, early punk that completely rules.


Kathy McGinty

Despite the fact that this is a prank call cd, and it's hilarious, it can also be quite sad. The whole premise of Kathy McGinty is a dude, a girl, and a sampled woman's voice, who talks to lonely guys on sex chats. As you would expect, this is trashy, crude, and tons of laughs. But I feel for these lonely guys. I'm amazed just how powerful horniness can be when it comes to willfully ignoring the absurd just for a yank.



Time for something local. As a whole, West Virginia has had a pretty poor music history. There's Hasil Adkins, Bill Withers, Frankie Yankovic, Th' Inbred, and a lot of bluegrass. Metal, not very much. Especially, bizzaro, droney, black metal where every song documents a historical alien abduction. Please come and play Morgantown Ahularbum.


Jonathan Halpern-Puce Moments

This is the only work available by this dude, and it's just stunning. It was the soundtrack to Kenneth Anger's underground film classic, "Puce Moments." Unfortunately, I can't embed that film but here's something I found that will at least let you hear the track since there's no images for this man. Go ahead and download it. It's only 4 minutes long or so.

Edit: I found out that for some reason, people using macs saw a rather messed up version of this site due to this embebed video. For their sake I removed it. Damn you cool guy mac users. But at least I found a still from the film.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa - Fluidtrance Centauri EP

Beautiful. While this band might have erred in judgment with their later incorporation of electronic things into their sound, this e.p. stands as one of the greatest shoegaze moments. Breathy vocals, reverb, dub-like production (at times), buzzing guitars; all the classic tropes are present. But somehow this Czech unit transcends the conventions and destroy my mind in the process.


Circus Mort-S/T 7"

I Love the Swans. So should you. Their early tribal, low end sound has pummeled my face several times. Even their unfairly maligned later work is frequently played around here. Well, this is Swan's main man Michael Gira getting funky and dancey in that no wave sorta way. As far as I know, this is the only work by the band.


Monday, November 16, 2009

Dave E. & The Cool Marriage Counselors-7"

You should know by the retardo art that this is going to be pretty cracked. Dave E. was formerly the singer of the Electric Eels, who produced some of the most vitriolic proto-punk to spew out of the city so foul its river caught fire. And while everyone should check them out, this is a whole different affair. I think this was recorded in the 70s but I'm not sure when. I picked it up when it was finally released a few years back. It's full of toy xylophones, humming, annoying sounds, talking, etc. Fun for the whole family.


Amon Duul-Psychedelic Underground

This was one of those albums that makes you rethink all the music you've previously heard, or at least that's what it did to me. Apparently, the story is that a bunch of German hippies living on a commune took a bunch of acid and recorded all of the Amon Duul (not to be confused with Amon Duul II) in this one session. The music reflects that freaked out, stoned cavemen feel. I've still yet to find anything else that sounds like this, although my quest has led to equally important discoveries like Exuma. A complete classic mind melter.


Awesome Snakes-Venom

The premise of this side project (of the Soviettes, (I haven't heard them)) is so sweet. Of course, we all love snakes and their little limbless bodies. They're great to throw at people and there's been several times where I slipped one into someone's car. So an albums worth of songs that describe how cool snakes are is obviously going to be equally as awesome. And check out that kick as Motley Crue inspired (Sticky Fingers inspired) album cover. But the girl vocals really need to go. Just tune those out.


Acting Trio

Released on the legendary, French, Free Jazz label BYG/Actuel; this is another odd one. for a label known for it's unusual releases, this one always stood out to me. The trio utilizes tenor sax, piano, and cello and really avoid a lot of the trappings that make people hate free jazz. I'm not sure if this will change anyone's mind, but it will surprise those expecting some type of Arthur Doyle/Frank Lowe heavy blowing sax storm. Oh, and I forgot to add track titles after I ripped this, but if that's a problem then don't download it.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

A.R. Kane-Lolita

This one's a little more normal than what I've previously posted. This e.p. (the second release from the band) dwells somewhere between the Jesus & Mary Chain's pop noise fusion and the shoegaze horde that would follow them. But don't be scared off by song titles like "Sado-Masochism is a Must." A.R. Kane do not want to whip you into submission with noise, but they might drip a little hot wax on you. Bonus points for pre-empting the nude Surfer Rosa cover (also released on 4AD). And they we partially responsible for "Pump up the Volume" (the song, not the movie). Hmm...


Crispin Hellion Glover-The Big Problem Does Not Equal the Solution, The Solution Equals Let It Be

For Matt. Not a great album by any means, yet an interesting curio by someone who can occasional be brilliant. It's impossible to deny the power of River's Edge. And no matter how wooden Keanu Reeves is, Glover makes the film a delightful romp through the world of teen murder. It seems like now Glover is content acting in stupid teen movies and making films that he refuses to let others see. His books can be entertaining too, but he'll always be Layne in my heart.