Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I can either write the diatribe on why this is the most underrated band of all time or I can just write some pithy, trite post....I'll opt for the pithy post as I two fingers with numb fingertips. My pal Rich describes this band's sound as "chopping wood." Listen to the opening track and I think you'll get what he means. Elsewhere I've already proclaimed my love for all creations by Daniel Higgs, and this is just one more product that I fetishize. Really, can this man do anything wrong? Give him a MacArthur or something.


Dolly Parton-Jolene

I've got a mate who says that if he ever has a daughter, he plans on naming her Jolene. I have to say Jolene Freeman would be a pretty great name (albeit one that definitely has that West Virginia twinge to it). So this is for him. And for the rest of you too, since it's all too easy to forget that at one time this gal was really a great songsmith. Don't forget that.


Rodney Dangerfield-No Respect

Just look at that lovely mug and tell me you don't want to give this a listen. For some reason, it seems that readers enjoy my spoken word/audiobook/stand up posts, so here's one more classic. Obviously, there's no need to write about Dangerfield's brilliance. Self deprecation at it's finest. Give it listen and maybe you'll hate yourself slightly less.


Shinki Chen

It's a rare thing nowadays that I get high anymore. I'm too old and too cheap. Kids would probably think I'm a narc if I even did want to buy anything. I'm no spring chicken anymore. So that being said, there's something about this cover that just induces flashbacks of bygone days of being completely fucked up. Maybe in my golden years I'll pick up a habit and just nod out in my converted barn/record listening retreat. Until then, I'll be content with albums like this. Classic Japanese psych rock from a guy who's well traveled in that circuit. So if that be your thing, then listen.


Jaime Brockett-II

This is one of those albums I salvaged from the dollar bin many years ago. The faded out cover had a mysterious quality that begged to be listed to. Checking the instrumentation I noticed the dulcimer is featured on several tracks. And who doesn't like a good dulcimer tune. And while it had all these positive attributes, I was still skeptical. So I was pleased to find that this is actually a great folk record. Well worth the dollar spent (though I seem to remember one of my friends at the record shop just giving it to me). So save yourself a buck and download it here. Being a lazy sod, I somehow fucked up the track listings when I ripped this and have yet to change it. No need to comment on that.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Anchiskhati Choir-Polyphonic Voices of Georgia

How does that saying go about bringing a samovar to Tbilisi? I'm guess these chaps would know as that happens to be the base of their operations. The sound here is large as the former U.S.S.R., but check some clips of these guys and they can be see just sitting around in a crescent. I like that attitude. Keeping it casual is definitely the way to go. And I won't even get going on the sweet beards. Caution: there's a 93% chance that you will fall into a trance when listening to this.


Celtic Frost-To Mega Therion

Classic, Classic, Classic.


Caroliner Rainbow Open Wound Chorale-Rise of the Common Woodpile

Dare I even attempt to describe what it is that Caroliner does? I have serious doubts that anyone can succinctly sum up what it is that they are actually doing. Ok, I took a moment to think about what to say about them and I realized I've got nothing. I can tell you that if you own their records be careful as to how you store them. The concrete and dustbin remnants that slathered my copy of "I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood" have scratched several sleeves in my collection. That's about all I'm going to say. They're better being more mysterious anyways so just down load it.


The Boneless Ones-Skate for the Devil

Even had I never have heard this, the title alone would have endeared it to my heart. Combining my love of skating and Satan is always a winning move. Yesterday, it was unseasonably warm in these parts and I was so tempted to pick up my deck and see if my old man bones wouldn't just shatter. But turkey, beer, and laziness won out. Had I decided to be anything more that a lazy sod, this would have been my soundtrack.


Killing Joke-Revelations

After that Effigies post, I was quickly reminded just how influential this band is and how no one seems to ever talk about them. Pity really, since I find their dark, post-punk, proto-industrial metal sounds too be quite inspiring and quite unlike anything of the time. It seems like every band in the world has covered these guys at some point, yet I almost never hear their name mentioned. How did that happen? And before all the hipsters were digging up the old psych records, they headed down to record with Conny Plank. The even retreated to Iceland, a la The Fall, and that's a move I can respect.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cardiacs-Archive Cardiacs

And this is my gift to everyone else since the Cardiacs seem to be much more well loved than I would have ever imaged. To my surprise, my last post on them is one of the most downloaded albums from this site. I never would have guess that so many enjoy this bizarro, spasmodic pop. But good for you. Nice to know that people are interested in things beyond whatever pitchfork's flavor of the week is. I don't even know what that flavor is any more. Clear maybe. Anyways, enjoy the holiday.

Here (Reuped 6/8/12)

Corrupted-Se Hace Los Suenos Aseinos

Some seriously heavy and lumbering shit. Not too surprising that it's from Japan, right. I mean, there's already a precedent for that. Sung in Spanish though. Vuh? Not sure how that came to be. Not really to interested in doing that quick google search to find the answer because it really doesn't matter. Regardless of their motives, the decision pays off. I think this one might be a Thanksgiving hit to play as your family gathers around the fire and plays Jenga. Rumor has it that this band has a big granny following., and you know those Q-Tip heads are real fans.


Abruptum-Orchestra of Dark

The gifts keep coming. And this one is for Ryan since I knows he loves metal and he also loves midgets (or is that just gnomes?). Either way, you gotta admit that a midget is a welcomed addition to any metal band. Just ask Accept or any of the bands Dio fronted. Sorry about the crap image buddy. This tape clearly isn't all that popular.


The Effigies-Remains Nonviewable & For Ever Grounded

Since I'm still in the giving mood, this one if for the readers back in Illinois. I can go on and on about Chicago punk music (though it was a relatively small scene), but I won't. It's either something you like or you don't. I never quite understood how many of these bands sounded very mid-west, yet seem to have been strongly influenced by British post-punk. Kin of a weird combo, but it works for me. So Remains Nonviewable collects their early e.p.s and even some of For Ever Grounded. But since they (who knows why) decided to only include a portion of it, I figured I should just post the whole thing. See, I can be nice at times.


Woody Allen-Standup Comic

Nothing like days like this to make you feel more isolated and distant from those you care about. So let's have a laugh or something. One thing I like to do is listen to stand up albums when I walk around town, though I am well aware that I must look like a psycho to passersby. I suppose seeing someone who looks like me laughing to himself might seem pretty suspicious, but who cares. The opinions of the locals was something that never really concerned me anyways. So where ever you live I suggest downloading this and conducting your own experiments. See how many people will point at you, or sneer, or flick you off. Matt, not sure if you have this already (I think you might), if not then grab it.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Flag-The Process of Weeding Out Live: 2/8/85

Time to make good on a threat I made some time back. Now, I don't want to hear any cry baby "Oh, they used to be better but then they became hippies," bullshit. Fuck that. They simply ruled in every phase. People like to sneer and point fingers at the e.p. on which this is based. Fuck those dunces. This shit clearly demonstrates the Greg Ginn was a supreme guitar god capable of playing any shit Sonny Sharrock would conjure up. If people are still sore that they grew their hair out and started to smoke pot, then it's time for those babies to grow up. That was 25 years ago, you dolt.


Rudimentary Peni-Catastrophe

Reader Majes's comment on my posting of Rudi P's EP's made me want to go back to that series of posting all of their material that I started oh so long ago. So here's one more to add to the collection. Some day you'll eventually get them all. But you better be good children.

Here (Reuped 6/7/12)

Todd Rundgren-A Wizard, A True Star

A while back I mentioned how I was excited to see some of Ol' Todd's belongings in the rock & roll hall of fame. And I was sincere about that, even though a few of you called bull shit. So to those people, might I present you with this? I love the Nazz, but this has got to be his finest work. It's a really odd album throughout. Too bad his record company were dicks about the pressing and fucked it up.



It surprising that I'm seeing such weird things about town considering all the featherhead students have sojourned home to be coddled by their parents. But it's true. Par example, I spotted a broken cricket paddle one night we walking down to the local. I assume some frattish berk finally tired of smacking pledges asses with it. Then, moments later I saw a payphone. That's pretty strange these days but what makes it even more bizarre was that it was actually in use. Like those things, this album kinda makes me feel weird, but in a good way. You like Steely Dan? I'm guessing Azita does as there's some serious jazz influence piano driven smooth rock going on (all played by all the Chicago scenesters). If you know her from all her now wave stuff you'll probably think you've been medicined when you hear this.


Bad Brains

I recently just upped a hundred or so new albums to my mediafire account. But rather then pull out some obscure, limited to two copies, weird out, I'll just play it safe. I'm sure everyone has this already, but even if that's the case, it had to appear at some time on this blog. I just felt..I dunno...naked without it. And since this was an album that I played on a daily rotation for far too long, it warms by bitter cold heart to finally share it with other.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Me: The Dicks-Kill from the Heart

My word, has it been a year already? I can't believe that this crap heap continues to ooze down shit mountain. But I suppose there's no reason to stop now. I've hit my goal of having over 50 followers in a year (I have pretty modest goals) and have received some pleasant e-mails from readers. So I guess I'll continue to air my grievances and sound like the old prick that I am. So here's a special treat for you (of course you can always send the site a birthday present) since it's all the readers that make me want to keep this going. It's really not overselling it if I call this a classic. Influential to so many groups, this odd lot of Texans continue to get played around here. Blast this the next time you're at your local glory hole.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eric Burdon & the Animals-Every One of Us

I am not lying when I tell you that I recently saw a goat (3rd best animal) being driven around in the back of a pick up truck. But keep in mind I live in West Virginia so bizarre animal occurrences of that nature are not that rare. Nonetheless, it did make me smile (that is a rare thing nowadays). Now that anecdote is only germane to this conversation in that it involves an animal. But what better way to introduce a record that everyone probably already has. No, this isn't the one with "Sky Pilot" (love that song to death) but it's still a really great and under discussed psych rock classic. Burden never really seems to get the due props despite the fact that he recorded some seriously great material. I wonder if the fact that he was popular clouds record geeks minds and doesn't let them see how much amazing material he produced. Fuck them then. It's their loss and our gain.

Oops...Just realized I fucked up the link. It's fixed now.


David Ackles

This is one I've been saving for a while because I just have a strong infatuation for Ackles' deep croon, and I'm a selfish prick that doesn't cough up the goods without some resistance. Now, I know that he really didn't hit his stride until later, but I'm going to claim him as another great Illinois musician (born in fucking Rock Island), only because my home state is typically overlooked when it comes to music. So I'd say listen to "Down River" and you'll quickly see why this record is so crucial. If you don't then it's time to get those ears cleaned. Here's a q tip for you, waxy.



Might as well tarry down South but shift over to Australia for the moment. Along the way we can pick up this trio of hooligans who definitely bring the mother fucking ruckus. I guess it would be easy to say that they've got a style that seems like a more hard hitting, punked out Birthday Party, but that might be simply do to geographic relativism. I'd say that claim has merit, but feedtime are no mere copyists so when people make this comparison I normally don't get it. I'm not sure why I love Australian noise rock so much. I've never been there. And though I'd like a visit, I doubt it will occur anytime soon. But my buddy was recently there and was amazed by the amount of prostitutes and bathrooms where you pissed against a wall rather than having urinal. Not sure what that's saying.

Link Removed

The Kiwi Animal-Music Media

Hung out with a friend last night that I barely ever see. And he's a big advocate for all things New Zealand. So for that guy I'll post this though I'm sure he already has it. But for the rest of yins this is a really underrated batch of folkish, deconstructed pop done up in that kiwi fashion. At it's core there's a girl, a dude (previously in Shoes this High), and an acoustic guitar. Typically, this triad is supplemented by other sound sources, but it still has that olde folk undercurrent. I've been trying to figure out why this band isn't discussed when kiwi legends are listed. I still have no answer.


Roy Harper-Stormcock

I am well aware that this has been posted on pretty much every blog around. But it's not like I've really been breaking any new ground with this crap heap, so what the hell. I figure I have a few friends out there who'd probably like this and don't have it yet (mean you Matt). Maybe there's another reader who doesn't have it as well. And you should since Harper is a super awesome. And even if you don't recognize the name, I'm sure you've already heard him. Remember that Pink Floyd song "Have a Cigar"? Well, that's Harper singing. Led Zeppelin even has a tribute to him. So the heavy hitters were even him to this guy way back when, and you should be too if you aren't already.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Гражданская Оборона-Оптимизм

I won't pretend that two years of studying Russian was enough for me to fully get at what this album is about. Nevertheless, I still love it. And you probably will too. I think I read about this band (now defunct after the untimely death of main man, Yegor Letov) in an interview with Kevin from Pink Reason. Good think I paid attention since this is some really essential stuff. Pretty strange that for a group considered to be one of the most important Russian bands of all time they're hardly ever mentioned. Find out why they were significant. And then find everything else they recorded since it's all worth owning.

Here (Reposted 3/19/12)

Phaidia-In the Dark

I don't know why, but I cannot find a single decent pic of this album. And I'm definitely too lazy to up one myself. So you'll have to deal with this shitty, undefined blur. Regardless, it's not like you're getting the actual album. Just download it and give it a listen and the cover art won't matter as much. I've already proclaimed my love for Ruins elsewhere, and this is an important historical document as the band is comprosed of drum demi-god Tatsuya Yoshida. But this isn't the spastic, Magma mimicking pummel. Instead this is much more in the goth/death rock style. Just take a look at their picture and you can guess what this is going to sound like. And you'll be correct.


"Mama" Bea Tekielski-La Folle

Haven't been posting since I'm trying to find a job that will get me out of West Virginia. Anyone out there in the market for an English professor. Victorian poetry, composition, pop culture, tech writing--I'm not choosy. I do nude scenes. I play nerd (this will only make sense if you watch the Simpsons). Anyways, enough of the boring personal things. Here's one more from the NWW list. And if you liked the Catherine Ribeiro (how could you not?) then this is something you will enjoy as well. She's got a few other albums floating around, but I've never had much luck tracking them down. But this definitely makes me want to find them.