Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mahogany Brain-With (Junk-Saucepan) When (Spoon-Trigger)

I'm feeling all those soothing sound starting to take effect, and now the laziness is setting in. For this reason, I think it's time to finally let a guest take a crack at reviewing this album. So, time for baby Jerry (my cat) to do some writing:


vc zdzetcf/xd;lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.-pg

z 4,........

She ain't the most eloquent, but I doubt I could have described it any better. Thanks lil Jer. Really, if you're familiar with this NWW list wrecking ball, then cat typing might be the best explanation of its sound.

Okay, I know this write up was gimmicky, but I did say I was feeling pretty lazy.


Tangerine Dream-Electronic Meditation

Let's keep the mood mellow for the time being. It's either that or the shooting spree will begin. And I have to teach tomorrow, so I really don't have time for all the rampaging, and I don't want to break my students' hearts by canceling class. So this'll have to do. Really, all of their albums up to and including Phaedra should be owned (maybe Rubycon, Richochet, and Stratosfear too...maybe) but this one catches them when Schulz, Froese, and Schnitzler were still paling around. They've got a million albums or so by now, and I'll give some serious props if you're the type that can hang with some of their soundtracks, I'll stick with the early goods.


Kendra Smith-The Guild of Temporal Adventurers

No posts recently because shit has been hectic. Driving 10 hours each way to ass crack Michigan to attend a wedding. Running back into town to teach. All the while trying to balance the bullshit that's becoming a millstone. A man needs a break to reflect. And this is definitely the proper album for some blissful moments of solitude and deep meditation. As a member of the Dream Syndicate, Rainy Day, and Opal, Smith has given these ears hours of mirth. If those names meaning anything to you then I doubt you'll deny your ears the pleasure of being filled by these cosmic tones.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jr. and His Soulettes-Psychodelic Sounds

God, I can't believe that school has started up again. This summer, barring maybe the last month, sucked and now I'm right back at teaching. Anyone out there need some English credits? I still have some room in my Early Brit Lit survey. And I promise, no Beowulf. The weirdest thing about being back in action is seeing just how young these kids look. Every year they look younger, and every year I get better looking. Now, some of my students look like would be my kids. And speaking of kids, hows about some psych funk from a buncha little brats? The oldest here tops out at 10, so how the fuck did they come up with this shit? If you're singing about tequila and pimps at that age, life must have been pretty screwy.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Lake of Dracula

You think that by mentioning Dracula and vampires on my blog I will be able to cash in on all the media hoopla? I'd love it if some tween stumbled upon this treat and flipped her wig. And here's something you all can laugh at me for, but when the whole no(w) wave thing was going on around Chicago, I really thought that it was going to become a big thing. I mean, for me, that was some of the best music going on at the time. Adventurous, arty, dumb, theatrical, it definitely beat what was going on in most parts of the country. But this could be a bit of hometime pride. Maybe I was just stupid and young. Who knows. But then again all that Rhode Island, Load records (a la Lightning Bolt) hit it pretty big a few years later, so maybe I wasn't all that off.


Niney the Observer-Observer Attack Dub

One more and then I'll stop ride other peoples' coattails. This one is for Alex. Not that he's that into dub or anything, but the kid certainly loves outer space and space exploration. I've never heard anyone run down the U.S. space programs in chronological order and name every astronaut on each mission. But that's the type of people I associate with. People with far too much time to spend on pointless hobbyhorses. And this here is a pretty relaxing spacey dub album. It may have taken 7 years to put together, but it was worth the wait.


Prince Douglas-Dub Roots

Looks like Holy Warbles had a pretty fun time with dub week. So I might just continue the festivities for just a little longer. I already posted some Wackies material so if you grabbed that, then you'll probably like this one too. Some seriously heavy, spaced out dub that'll send your ears into orbit.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Capital Punishment-Roadkill

When this blog started, I was doing a pretty informal series of "before they were stars" type of posts. This continues that series, but unlike some of the other post, this is probably a bit more unexpected. I don't know why this (even as a relic of interest) never really seems to be discussed. I figure the draw of a 13 year old Ben Stiller handling the drums for a no wave outfit would be enough for most people to want to hear this. And it's much better than I would have expected. Now that he's content with making dog shit films, maybe he sound consider getting back behind the kit. That or at least make a Heavyweights sequel.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Hans Edler-Elektron Kukeso

Sheesh, just look at those machines. Edler must have been one rich motherfucker to be able to buy that type of shit and record this solo platter all the way back in 71 or so. But I think I read that he was some type of pop star or something before recording this, so I guess that makes sense. But this is far from some 60s pop star vanity project. This is some really fucked early synth bizz-buzz. It's like you're surrounding yourself in some analog cocoon when this come on. And like that brilliant movie, you'll never get old again. Or at least until the aliens in the pool start drying up or whatever it was that happened to them.



Here's a film synopsis that my satellite provided for a movie I did not watch: "something alien flings flying flat things which stick to earthlings and slurp them dead." I have to say, that is some pretty remarkable writing. The use of assonance and alliteration really sells the film. I'm sure someone must have been bored at the office when they wrote that. Well, not only did it succinctly sum up that flick, but it could also serve as an interesting description of this album. I know that they started to suck it pretty hard later in their career, but at this point, Mick Bolton was seriously fucking things up on the guitar and Michael Schenker wasn't around yet to cheese up the proceedings. Shit, I'll admit, I can even get into some of the Schenker era too, but this is markedly better.


Your Food-Poke it With a Stick

Here's a real forgotten treat that's bound to give you some of that near the end of summer cheer. The Louisville scene has always been fairly under documented, and this is probably one of the albums that, if it had been heard by more, would have alleviated that problem. It's not like Circle X's no wave art experiments. In fact, it really doesn't remind me of much of what was coming out of Louisville at the time. Maybe you could draw comparisons with the Embarrassment or something British. There is a punk influence, but it's far more poppy and weird. This should be heard by all young kids who think they are currently playing weird punk. You ain't doll face.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Human Beast-Volume One

Unfortunately, Human Beast were never able to get it together to record Volume Two. Thankfully, we have this. Some nice dark psych, that has Cream like moments, some pretty serious guitar calisthenics, and some more wigged out segments too. They even cover the Incredible String Band (though it really doesn't sound much like them). But I gotta say "Appearance Is Everything, Style Is a Way of Living" is the perfect song for a vain snob like myself. I make no apologies, I've always been a bit of a fop.



Oh, here's something precious for all of you. We all love pretty, French, folky stuff, right? And this is really one of the better ones in that vein. It definitely has a sound you've heard before. And I'm sure we could sit down and come up with a list of like 50 bands or so that we think sound similar. But let's not be that petty. Instead, let's just enjoy this Bretagne beauty for what it is.


The Electric Banana-Blows Your Mind

It's hard to believe that there was a time when porn actually had some good music. Sure, the cheesy funk-lite stuff of Deep Throat and other 70s stuff can be fun, but one all the synths and techno beats too over it all just got out of hand. Does anybody actually fuck to music like that? I dunno, maybe in Germany or something. But how about a shag to some Pretty Things garage-psych rave up? Well, that's what this is. Their lame pseudonym can't mask the fact that this band rules. Don't be that dope who's willing to pay $71 for this on amazon. Instead, download this here, crank it up, and enjoy your favorite fisting clips.


Lee Rockey-Music

I'm all for dudes who pull a late in life volte-face. Starting off as a jazz drummer (even playing with Herbie Mann), Rockey turned it all around and got weird. Switching to violin, he then started playing with early line ups of Smegma. And that's really where this record is heading. Certainly, you can note the jazz influence at times, but this is much more like a modern experimental record than that. Analog squiggles, echoplexed cello & violin, strange voices all abound. A good time for weirdos.


Friday, August 13, 2010

Lo Ka Ping-Lost Sounds of the Tao: Chinese Masters of the Giqin in Historic Recordings

I've never been good at describing records like this. I just lack the knowledge to do them justice. I can say that this is one of the most relaxing things I've listen to in some time. So after getting all worked up earlier this is like a mandrax in the ear. Rather than embarrass myself with some pretty poorly researched essay, I'll just say that if you're in the mood to reduce your murderous rage then this just might work. And I don't know why I added a comma in his name when uploading this. It's probably do to my lack of understanding Chinese names. Just ask some of my former exchange students, I don't know shit.


Monk Montgomery-Bass Odyssey

Hey Matt, since you're love for Indianapolis (maybe not as strong as your love of the Noid) is so strong I shall reward it by posting this classic by one of their native sons. But others are free to download it as well. Yep, this is Wes Montgomery's brother playing some super fuzzed out bass (check Fuselage). It can be funky, jazz, bassy, and other things all at once. Like when you mix cornstarch with water and it feels kinda like a liquid then you squeeze it and it kinda solid. And I just love the idea of some dude sitting in some mountainscape just playing some bass. But what's that amp plugged into? Now, who wouldn't want to go on a bass odyssey?


Group 1850-Paradise Now

Dilettantes who infrequently travel the sonic spaceways often overlook the fact that there was plenty of dark shit available before the whole 70s blowback of selfishness and disillusionment occurred. And here's a prime example of a band that still gets high praise for the more archetypal hippie rock of their first album (Agemo's Trip--a super awesome record in it's own regard), but get dumped on for this freak out. I can't explain why tastemakers rank this one so low, but I think it's another essential Dutch masterpiece. People, who really wants to listen to songs about clowns, and pies, and sunbeams all the time? I'll take the dark stuff instead.


Gore-Hart Gore

Well, some dumb, half-witted fuck just told me he was going to tear my fuckin' head off. What grievous offense might I have paid this upstanding citizen, you might ask? It's hard to believe, I know, but I honked my horn at him for driving 15 mph under the speed limit, then making 2 turns sans signals. I don't know how people drive in your part of the planet, but I grew up relying on the horn to signal others' stupidity lest they end up involving me in an accident. But people out here don't take to kindly to a little beep. I've even had people follow me to my apartment to yell at me. Of course, the minute I get out of my car and run up to theirs, they drive away (and I look like a huge wimp). So let this be a warning to all the dumb frat boys, hillbillies, and general scum who like talking shit but lack the nuts to back it up. I've got a knife and I will stab your useless fatbody. This cover should serve as an illustration of what will happen to the next person who wants to test me. Now, with that out of the way, I'm sure many of you already have this, but I wanted to post something stabby. It's a total classic.


The Freak Scene-Psychedelic Psoul

The Deep record I recently posted seems to have some fans. For those people, here's their follow up. Though appearing under a different moniker, it's more or less the same group. And they were album to change up their sound enough (more middle eastern influences this time), yet still remain a pretty awesome group. The title might mislead a few of you, this ain't soul music or anything, at least not what I consider soul. I have a feeling, though I'm too lazy to type this into google to find out if it's true, that this and the Deep might have been some type of cash-in psych exploitation. Anyone confirm this? Regardless, it's still fun stuff, and I could care less if some dumb hippies got tricked.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Deep-Psychedelic Moods

By now I'm sure everybody's girlfriend's sister's internet stalker's daughter knows about this and the debate that it is the first album to use "psychedelic" in it's title. For some reason, I was sure there was some 45 that used it first, but what do I know. Regardless, this is pretty essential proto-punk fuzz action. If you're already familiar with the Freak Scene lp or that one by Marcus, then you've basically heard this band set in a different context. Who says Philly didn't have the psychedelic goodies?


Bow Wow Wow-See Jungle! See Jungle! Go Join Your Gang, Yeah. City All Over! Go Ape Crazy

Not a very fun album title to type out, but a fun album to listen to. And hey, there's more nudity for you too, you dirty pedo. Don't worry, "I Want Candy" IS NOT here. I figure that since the mood is light and it's actually a pretty day perhaps you might choose to recreate some Manet with some of your pirate clad cohorts. So take off your clothes, ponder how your cultural pillaging will later directly contribute to the rise of shit like Vampire Weekend and maybe hate yourself a little for what you have done.


Shoes-Black Vinyl Shoes

Many months ago I was conversing with someone on the need for more classic power pop on this site. Sorry this took so long Billy, but here's one for you that you probably already have. Another sweet pop classic from Illinois. And homestate pride does make me want to throw out the claim that it is the best state for producing power pop. I have no idea why this is true, but there's a pretty solid foundation for this argument. So I'll take it up. Disagree if you want, really, I'll only think slightly less of you.


Kevin Ayers-Joy of a Toy

Where's the bitter vitriol we've come to expect from an old curmudgeon like you? you may ask. I know lately I've been a little lax on ranting about bums around town or my idiot neighbors, but two things have contributed to this new, dare I say, happy mood. Firstly, there's been an unexpected influx of new followers and internet friends to this site. This I contribute directly to three sites linking to this page. Holy Warbles, Ghost-Capital, and Exp Etc. All three are some heavy hitters with seriously good taste and I urge you all to check them out daily (if not hourly). Most importantly, I met a pretty, young lass who's more than content sitting around watching Suspiria and bitching about shit with me (I know, I can barely believe it either). So you can blame those people for my pleasant mood. And keeping in that spirit, nothing says fun like some early Kevin Ayers. But don't worry, I'm sure I'll be back to being my usual old cranky self soon enough.


Creme Soda-Tricky Zingers

The winds of nostalgia are now carrying me back to the Midwest, and to one of my all time favorite cities for this post. Milwaukee might not be a musical mecca (though there were plenty of good punk bands coming out of there at one time) but there has always been an oddball contingent that would occasionally peek their head out from below the surface and issue an inherently out of touch classic. And this be one of them. Perhaps it's the fact that there really isn't a scene, or that they live in Chicago's shadow, but I've always appreciated the weird shit that Milwaukee concocted. Now, this isn't the weirdest thing out of that city, but it's definitely something that lacks an established context. These guys move from soft rock, to proto punk, to full on psych rock, and all points in between. Just as diverse as their fashion sense.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Angel Face-A Wild Odyssey

Don't let the name fool ya. These Frenchies were capable of whipping up some outerspaced, sci fi, biker sploodge not too far removed from Hawkind/Chrome/Nicodemus, etc. If I told you they were originally from Detroit, I doubt you'd even question it, as the ghost of the Stooges seems to have infested these recordings. Now, Ill cop to the fact that there are some duds here too, but just skip 'em. The rest is worth it.


Once Dreamt-Drifting

I can't say that i was all that enthralled by the whole Michigan space rock scene of the early/mid 90s. At the time it just seemed pretty dull and boring. In retrospect, however, I now think it was pretty great and foreshadowed many contemporary sounds. This band, as far as I know, was a early precursor to some of the leading names of that scene--namely Windy & Carl and Fuxa. I've never been too into Fuxa, and Windy & Carl have some great, yet inconsistent, moments, so this is the one I pull out when I want some droney bliss from the Wolverine state. Now you may do the same.


Peter and the test Tube Babies-Pissed and Proud

Okay, I know this one will get some frowns, or at least some puzzled looks, but every now and then I like to hear some old Oi. I don't know what this is, but it just is. And for some reason, it seems fitting today. Now, I definitely will not claim this group as my favorite Oi band or anything. They probably wouldn't even make the top ten. So why is this posted, you'll ask. Because Transvestite is probably one of the best songs about, well, transvestites. And who doesn't love a good tale of pansexual deception and intrigue?


Bobby Brown-The Enlightening Beam of Axonda

And this definitely ain't the Bobby Brown that you're thinking of. Notice the lack of any sweet fade or blood shot coke eyes. This Bobby's prerogative is to bring you some meditative, home spun psych done up in a one man band style (with homemade instruments to boot). I've also got the live record he did (I believe recorded in the parking lot of a Fleetwood Mac concert or something) but it's pretty crackly and I'm not smart enough to figure out how to clean it up. But if someone is dying for I guess I could post that as well since I know it's not the easiest thing to find.


The Rockets

Nope, this ain't the intergalactic francophonies. This is basically proto-carzy horse before they teamed up with old shakey. I felt like a bit of a dick posting a Neil Young album that didn't feature the amazing guitar of Danny Whitten, so I suppose this is some act of atonement or something. But if you're into Neil Young at all (and why wouldn't you be) then this is a record that might pique your interest.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ernie Hines-Electrified

Just finished the article on Hines in the new Waxpoetics, and I have to say, I had no idea this record was as rare as they claimed. Maybe it was something more common in the Chicagoland area, but I've seen this several times for just a few bucks. Anyways, now knowing that there's people seeking this out, I figure I should probably post it. If you want to know more, go pick up that mag, or just download this and enjoy yourself.

Just noticed the link was fucked. Now it is fixed.


Judy Henske & Jerry Yester-Farewell Aldebaran

She: Folk rock scenestress with a ridiculous range. He: member of criminally underappreciated folk pop group and an ear for the out sounds. Combined: one fucked up fever dream psych duo. Issued by one of Zappa's labels (was this on Straight?), this then married couple concocted a pretty unexpected slice of head fuckery, especially when one considers their pedigree. They tried to recapture that essence but infuse it with a more country rock leaning sound on their rosebud album, but it wasn't nearly as good. Years later No Neck Blues Band sought out Yester to produce their Sticks & Stones album. Goes to show how weird this dude was.

Link Pulled

Big Black and his Congregation-If You're Diggin' What You're Doin' Keep on Doin' What You're Diggin'

No, not that Big Black silly goose. I'm sure a peek at the cover showed that this wasn't going to be Albini and cohorts. Nope, this is some more soul with psych flourishes. There's even some kinda latin & easy listening undercurrents. I think there might even be some band connection with Dr. John and some of the whole New Orleans scene but I really don't know all that much about this platter. I do know the bass player is named "Organic Nigger." Not too sure what that's all about though.


The Runaways

Just watched the newer biopic on these ladies last night. And really it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Honestly, I just wanted to see how Kim Fowley would be played and that was about it. So having zero expectations, I found it to be serviceable and certainly better than that horrid documentary issued a few years back. There's some glaring faults for sure (how the hell is Lita Ford's role so marginalized?), but it's not like this was the most complicated band. I can definitely say that the film did just reinforce my feelings of being a creepy old perv though.


Kalacakra-Crawling to Lhasa

How can it be that this band only had this one release? Just two dudes with a raft of instruments were able to shape one premier krautrock spectacle that few people seem to really care about. Sure Can, Neu!, Kraftwerk, etc...all that stuff is great, but there was so much more from that spatio-temporal continuum that remains glossed by all but the true believers. And if anyone has more suggestions for things in this vein drop a comment. I'm always on the prowl for old weirdies like this.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Beat of the Earth

The trilogy is finally complete, albeit in a nonchronological order. So, if you've been keeping up with things around here, you might remember me posting the Relatively Clean Rivers and Electronic Hole albums. Here's one more by Phil Perlman. Again, it's not like either of those. This is more like a mountain of odd instruments that was scaled by some dirty hippies who got a little too high for their own good and began to fall from the crest. Two really great free form cuts that sound as trancey as V.U. or their German brethren. This is my fav of Perlman's three. Nicely creepy.


Michael Bundt-Just Landed Cosmic Kid

Time to get dancey again. Read the title. Look at the dude on the cover. You'll probably not want to download this (nice lipstick Balzac). But what if I tell you that Bundt used to play bass in NWW lister Nine Days Wonder before crafting this proto-house classic? Okay, I'm sure that made some of you even more sick. But really, this is a fun album. You might be thinking, "But you hate fun. You're an old bastard." And I'd normally agree, but lately things are finally starting to get better, or maybe just less annoying. Who knows. So join me in dancing around your house to these jams.


Kure Kure Takora

If you're not familiar with Gimme Gimme Octopus, then visit youtube forthwith and experience true Japanese lunacy at its finest. Maybe it's like their version of a Croft bros show or something. I don't speak Japanese, but it's not really essential as the visuals are just fucking batty. And the music is pretty weird too (really, I wish it was a little more out there though). So, here it is for your edification. Being a dolt, I somehow mislabeled the tracks. And I'm just to lazy to fix them. Just a note of caution for sticklers. It's Kure not Yure


T2-It'll All Work Out in Boomland

More classic psych/blues rock for you, with an detectable proggish bent. I believe this group realeased this sole missive before collapsing into obscurity. Then there might have been some unreleased material that surfaced later. If you're looking for some amazing guitar then check out the 21 minute Morning, or really, pretty much any track on this disc. Keith Cross was a monster. Dunno what or where Boomland is, but it seems like a place I'd like to visit.


The Velvet Underground-Live at the Gymnasium (1967)

I've got a mountain of V.U. bootlegs, all of various quality. This one, maybe the most well known one too, is still one of the best in terms of sound quality and content. The debut of Sister Ray is definitely a selling point, as is the inclusion of I'm not a Young Man Anymore (sounds like something I'd write). If you don't have this already, it's a no brainer. But I'm guessing someone with as fine taste as yours already has a copy of this.