Sunday, October 31, 2010

Satan Panonski-Nuklearne Olimpijske Igre

Whoo Hoo, Halloween is finally here. I had a million potential albums I could have posted today. But then I realized that no one ever downloads the metal records I post and chose this one instead. And why wouldn't you want to listen to somebody named Satan on a day like this. I don't really see to much bout him on line, so I don't claim to be all that knowledgeable. I know he was a cult figure, mental patient, convicted murderer, gay poet, and probably many other things before he died. Hail Satan.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

H.P. Lovecraft-The Dark Worlds of: Volume One

Here's a scary story for you all. Last night, whilst at the bar a ridiculous girl approached me and told me how great my costume was. To her surprise I wasn't even wearing a costume. Yet she thought I was dressed as Justin Timberlake. But before you form some mental image of me I should say: 1.) I am much older that J.T. 2.) I have glasses and facial hair. 3.) I, in no way, resemble Justin Timberlake. Somebody must have been boozing it up a little too much. But it did make me think that maybe I do look out of sorts. I mean, I do currently reside in West Virginia and it definitely isn't the hippest place on the planet. So now to the disc. Lovecraft is certainly well loved by metal heads and horror enthusiasts. I'll admit that I'm a late comer to his work, but find this series very relaxing. Last fall I would go on 20-30 mile walks and just listen to these tales. And it was oddly comforting. So this is atypical for me to post things of this nature, but I figure who better to listen to come Halloween than this guy. Don't blame me if you pee your pants though.


Friday, October 29, 2010


Here's another spooktacular album to scare the kiddies away. Well, really it isn't all that scary I suppose. But the cover is kinda creepy. I think what makes this so desirable is the fact that they played some serious hard rock and were based in Iceland. Not typically the country you associate with this type of stuff. I always thought they had to sing about elves and shit. Not here. Instead, Icecross choose to rally against religious zealotry and the like. Songs like "Jesus Freaks" still make me smile. Then again, I hate religious nuts so most things that blatantly address their ridiculousness are going to make me smile.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Josefus-Dead Man

Yesterday I saw something that was utterly grotesque. Whilst walking home after teaching, a couple nearly ran me over on the side walk. They were on a jogging date. Who does such things? Who decides to get suited up in horrible nylon clothes and then run for no reason? And how is this activity enhanced with a partner? If you're with someone and you're sweating that much, you should probably be doing something more enjoyable than running. Ugh...the horror. And speaking of, Josefus has a scary cover, but they are going to terrify you or anything. And kids like skulls these days. Just check the popularity of all that Ed Hardy paraphernalia. I even see moms walking around with skulls on their shirts. So maybe this isn't as Halloween related as I'd like it to be. Well, you can always blast Dead Man and scare off a few kiddies.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mourning Noise-Death Trip Delivery: 1981-1985

Halloween is easily the best holiday. I don't have a costume yet and I can't work out the logistic of my original concept of 2-Pacman (you know, 2 Pac & Pacman combined). Still, when it comes to this time of the year, there's plenty of good albums to set the mood right. And if you haven't started celebrating, then it's about time to blast this. If you're still playing those old Misfits 7"s and crying every time some ad hoc version drags their bloated carcasses through town, then this album is for you. Honestly, this sounds just like the Misfits. They're even from Lodi. I won't call them original, but there's definitely worst bands you can rip off. Anyways, I think I'll post Halloween related things to get the mood sinister. Stay tuned.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ahora Mazda

Since you can't get drunk and listen to Abba every night I figure I should just get back to the albums. Believe it or not, there is a sort of a format here. And since all the clip I posted are all songs you've heard a million times, I figure I should dig a little deeper with this post. These guys played along with previously posted bands like Shocking Blue and Group 1850, but never really achieved much success. I've read that they were briefly courted by e.s.p.-disk, but unfortunately, nothing was to come of it. And really, I think this would have fit nicely in that stable. There's certainly an interest in free jazz, but they add more global sounds and psych moves. Making one hell of a out there classic in the process.


Or is it this

These are the only options you have.

At least that's one more choice then you'll typically have.

Or is this the best song of all time

The voting poles are now open.

I am fucked.

The Crying Game = The Best Song Ever

Don't deny it.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Action-Rolled Gold

Just behold those fantastic mod haircuts. Now I know while Phil Collins loves them so much. Good thing the Action were about more than hair and posturing. They actually brought the musical goods. Not really psych (though some people what to label them as such) and not entirely mod pop either, the Action seemed to provide the blue print that Bob Pollard found within some old record sleeve. Eventually, these guys made the unfortunate decision to become hippies. And despite losing their cool dos, they did become Mighty Baby and went on to melt many psychedelic minds.


Terry Allen-Juarez

I know this album has a cult following of sorts, but that cult should flourish. I think this has been relegated to minor status for those outside the know because it is pretty complex and difficult. On the surface, it's some really great, piano-driven, country rock. But this album is far more complicated than that. It's much more in league with the classic song cycle type of albums. Outsider figures, alcoholics, and murders appear and then vanish into the desert. Maybe Allen is kinda like Texas Tom Waits or something, but that's probably a pretty lazy comparison. There's so many damned good songs that every time I listen to this I have a new favorite. Which one will be yours?

Link Removed

The Sound of Feeling-Spleen

Since we're nearing the best holiday of all time, I should probably provide you with something to make the flesh creep. And what is creepier than twins? Especially identical twins. Even though these gals look kinda pretty, twins are still weird. But hearing their paired voices, supplemented by some dude, singing odd, jazz inflected covers of Donovan and Simon & Garfunkel seems somehow right. Extra bonus points received for the Baudelaire reference. If you're into bizzaro vocal harmonies with a slightly experimental edge (I know, it's such a popular genre) than this is for you. If not, then too bad for you.


Marzette Watts & Company

Here's one that's often forgotten about when discussions turn to the esp-disk label. Not sure why either. Maybe it's because Watts didn't really seem to make it as a musician (he released just one other album (that features Patty Waters)). It's really too bad, since this is a really great out jazz album. And Watts proved to be a pretty key player in the whole NYC loft scene, where he hosted parties that feature all the usual jazz luminaries of the time. I'll admit that this isn't the easiest album to get into, but if you already enjoy things of this nature, then this one must be heard. Also, Sonny Sharrock, Henry Grimes, Byard Lancaster, and Clifford Thornton are involved.


Dorival Caymmi-Cancoes Praieiras

Here's some sounds to enjoy while watching the leaves fall. If you're into tropicalia of any sort, you'll find that Caymmi probably influenced whatever band/singer you're a fan of. With a career spanning over 60 years, this guy was definitely one of the most important Brazilian musicians of all time. Most of his stuff is worth checking out, but there can be moments where the over produced sounds muffles the great songs. Here, however, we find Caymmi doing it solo. And for some reason, this cover always weirds me out.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coma-In a Coma 7"

Here's another in the series of albums I love but know almost nothing about. Try searching for Coma or "In a Coma" tell me what you can dig up. All I know is it's the last album released on the ADK label (bonus points if you're familiar with their catalog). It's Japanese. It's punk. Those three things should compel you to download this immediately.


Smoking Popes-Born to Quit

Okay, I know. This is definitely something that most people would be ashamed of posting. Fortunately, I have little shame. Just this month I've embarrassed myself at least once a week. Ask my friends and they'll say it's true. But if you're not to coy, then I'd say give this a listen. I'm definitely biased since this reminds me very much of living back in Illinois when this came out. But I still think it holds up. For some reason, I've always thought this sounded like Morrissey fronting a melodic punk band. I've got that old nostalgic feeling again.


People-Ceremony-Buddha Meet Rock/People

What the hell is the "Lover Creation Series?" If you know divulge this information forthwith. I assume it must be something weird and Japanese. Probably some bad engrish or something. Despite the cumbersome appellation, this album should be considered a masterpiece in the pantheon of Japanese psych records. It can be a little experimental, but for the most part, it's plaintive, meditative, groove driven, and peaceful. It's all over the place, but great for that reason alone.


The Five Day a Week Straw People

If you're familiar with the Attack, then you certainly know that John Du Cann (sometimes apearing sans Du) is a serious guitar monster. Or maybe you've heard Andromeda or Atomic Rooster or the supremely underrated Hard Stuff. Well, that's him too. Rumor has it that this album was recorded in four measly hours. I wasn't there so I'm not going to claim otherwise. If it be true, there must have been some serious magic involved since this is a real Brit psych classic. It's a really cohesive album, but yet it sounds diverse. I mean, there's even some downer psych rock that isn't folky in the slightest. But don't worry, this isn't going to bum you out or anything.


Adam and the Ants-Dirk Wears White Socks

Every time I wear my Adam Ant shirt (yes, I really have one) people always offer to buy it off me. I didn't realize there was so many fans. And no one has offer to by my Madonna shirt yet. But since I won't sell my clothes I can give those people this album. If you only know his Goody Two Shoes pop, this is gonna surprise you. This is the original release, so it unfortunately lack the all time best S&M anthem, Whip in My Valise. But you can youtube that.


Friday, October 15, 2010


If you're looking for this band on-line, you're probably more likely going to come across some bullshit rap. But this isn't that guy, although it would be pretty refreshing to see a rap album with a cover like this. Instead, this is the first album by Grobschnitt's drummer. This is one that even those Kraut haters will dig. Blissed out and inspired, this album continues to delight. So that's the end of the NWW list day. But if there are any requests I'll try to get to them anon. Let me know if there are holes in your back catalog that I can fill. Ugh...that sounded wrong.


Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft-Ein Produkt der

Here's a classic for you. Not the typical NWW list entry (if there is such a thing), but contemporaries of Stapleton that sound kinda out of place on the list. There's an interesting synth, punk, funk, experimental, industrial groove thing going on here. But German. Very German. Lots of fans turned when they went in a much more dancey direction, but nowadays, I think those albums hold up rather well. And they even featured some hilariously homoerotic cover art (close of photo of a shirtless, sweaty dude is probably not the best marketing strategy).


Michel Waisvisz-Crackle

Kind of a jarring cover, I know, but it does capture what Waisvisz is all about. I definitely recommend checking youtube for some of his unusual sound experiments, as his homemade instruments really need to be seen to be believed. And the nice thing is, is that you can still buy his crackleboxes. If some kind reader is thinking about birthday presents for yours truly, that might be an item to consider. This guy continues to make amazing things that confound and titillate. Check him out.


Ame Son-Primitive Expression

This time to France to pick up one of the better groups from the BYG/Actuel catalog (talk about a fucking great catalog). I might prefer their first release, but this one is also worthy of your attention. I believe this group shares members with the equally great Red Noise and the decent, but not amazing, Komintern. Not positive on that though. But of those three I'll still take this one. I've always been a sucker for French psych and this band is always nearing the top of my list for that niche genre.



So today will be a NWW list day. If you're not familiar with what that is, then wikipedia that. But if you're a record goon I'm sure you're well aware of what that list signifies. Eventually, I'll probably get around to posting at least one album by each band (yes, even the shitty ones). Today, I'll start with this forgotten piece of German rock. Here, mellotrons battle sitars for ear dominanace, as flutes and synths lend support. It's not Faust or Can or anything that's going to redefine how you hear music, but that never seemed to be their intent. And there's nothing wrong with that. Plus this cover rules.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Comsat Angels-Peel Session 4/29/80

You can just tell from the photo that these guys aren't going to be that cheery. And thankfully they aren't. They definitely took a major turn for the worse when they put in their bid for commercial viability, but these early tracks demonstrate just how awesome they were. There's times where I think this might be my favorite band from that era/geography, but a lot of that depends on the mood I'm in at that time. Perhaps they will become your favorite band of all time. It could happen. They do have a song called "Monkey Pilot" and that's pretty cool.


Abe Vigoda-Reviver

Okay, this one I actually know something about. And you probably do to as these kids seem to be getting a lot of hype lately. I was fine with their "tropical punk" of their first phase, but I like the more Joy Divisiony direction they've taken as of late. Nice transition guys. I can listen to "Don't Lie" on repeat for an hour or so. And I have a pretty good feeling that this will be taken down with haste, so you might want to grab it while you can.


Parchment Prayer-Demo

Yes, it is my goal to make you miserable today. Sorry to ruin your football watching experience. I suppose I might be able to post some marching band covering Iron Man later or something since I know everyone gets pumped when that's played, right? In the mean time, here's another obscurity that I can't seem to find info about. I think they're from Germany and I know they proudly used Dolby when recording this demo, and that's about it. Oh, I'm pretty sure they had an album, but I don't have it so I can't be sure.


Persian Flowers-7"

One more that I have little to say about. I know, I thought I'd never shut up either. But this is like the previous post, so if you dug that then give this a listen. Similar, but maybe more of a psychedelic approach here. And it's only two tracks. So just grab it.


A Red Crescent Sect

Today will be a series of records that I know little about aside from the fact that they all kinda seem to go together. If you need some label for the shared sound I guess you can call it post-punk, but I guess, chronologically, Counting Crows were after punk, so maybe that label isn't all that useful. But if that tag means anything to you, this isn't going to sound different from what you'd expect.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Sergius Golowin-Lord Krishna von Golka

Palled around with Tim Leary. Painted by Giger. Tripped with all the Kraut scenesters. Golowin led a pretty unusual life. And it's reflected on this album. Joining forces with Klaus Schulz and the Cosmic Jokers seems like a good idea, and that's exactly what Golowin did on this release. I suppose if you have the means, then why not. I have no clue what this guy's career turn out to be, but I'm supposing at some point the hippie nonsense got a little tired and he became old and then died. Don't you hate pants?


Pretty Things-S.F Sorrow

Also while in Cleveland, I finally did venture into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. S'okay. I mean, I know they aren't going to have many relics from bands that I actually give a fuck about (though items from Joy Division, Todd Rundgren, and the Cramps were pretty cool). But does everyone really want to see Art Garfunkel's cock ring? And does there really need to be more Beatles shit (I spotted 5 people actually wearing Beatles shirt)? I dunno, this seems like the type of band that should be representing rock & roll. It's debatable, but this is the first concept album in many regards. Typically, that means little to me since I can read books, but it also happens that this album destroys. Seminal, and utterly essential psych rock.



Another NWW lister, and perhaps one of the more fucked on said list. I mean, this is the product of Paul Revere & the Raiders fucking around in the studio. Don't sounds to good, right? Well, mister negativity, it is. I still think the Raiders rule, but this is a zillion miles away from that sound, so haters need not fear. Also, sometimes I see this band called Joyride. I tagged it Friendsound. I don't have a clue which is actually right. I'll let you decide.


The Idle Race-The Birthday Party

Well, it's now October and it just so happens that it's the birth month of several people close to me. So to Skvt and Aliques, early happy birthday. And since I will not be throwing you a party, nor will I be buying you presents, I'll post this instead. And it really is a decent gift. Far better that that shake weight I was planning on getting you (maybe you'll get one for Christmas). Early, pre-jheri curl & shades Jeff Lynne tears it up here. I might be a bit biased since I love that guy to death, but I think this is crucially underrated and is far more than an E.L.O.


Screamin' Jay Hawkins-Frenzy

On my recent trip to Cleveland, I was amazed to find a cool bar in a city that wasn't packed with smug hipsters. Well, maybe that's how Cleveland hipsters look. I dunno..they didn't have a million tattoos, sporty glasses, tight pants, etc. But the bar mostly played classic soul music. And deep album cuts, mind you, not just the hits. And that reminded me of Hawkins' track "Hong Kong." Definitely not the most racially sensitive cut, the song nevertheless has a guitar tone that'll sear your ears shut. It sounds, oh about, 30 years ahead of its time. The rest is good too. But it's worth it for that song alone. Thank you Jeff Weston for turning me on to this guy back in junior high. I wonder what the fuck you're doing now.

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