Friday, January 29, 2010

Margo Guryan-Take a Picture

Unlike many in the soft pop genre, this album avoids the Fruit Stripe Gum factor--the alluring cover (fuck yeah, psychedelic zebra), the enticing aroma, that delicious first bite; but too soon you feel like you've been had as the great fruit taste vanishes and it feels/tastes like your chewing on some wood. No, this is much more akin to the confectionery pinnacle known as the Nerds Rope. The more you bite off, the more your palate becomes confused by an overload of flavors. The texture both pleases and perplexes as the crunchy nerds give way to the chewy goodness of the rope. While the candy comparison might be a bit too facile, there is a definite sweetness to these recordings. And there's just enough sadness to keep it interesting.


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