Saturday, January 16, 2010

Siege-Drop Dead

Utterly essential if your into anything brutal and skull crushing. These Beantowners influenced punks, metal heads, noise niks, and general weirdos,with this way ahead of it's time demo (this cd rip also contains some comp. tracks too). Super fucking punk. They'd play a 20 second song then go off on come creep jazz punk a few tracks later. For years people have tried to achieve this greatness. An admirable aspiration, yet one so fraught with hubris. You're not gonna top this but I'm not gonna say that you can't give it a go.



  1. I will never get tired of this record! I really hope it got a few downloads back in January.

  2. Not nearly as many as it deserves. People tend to avoid the heavier things I post. Dunno why.