Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uzi-Sleep Asylum

A real under appreciated disc of 80s dark broodiness. Even when Matador decided to reissue this back in the 90s people remained disinterested. Too bad since it fits nicely on the shelf next to their Boston confreres Mission of Burma, as they too used the odd tape loop or two to create bleak atmospheric shapes. But this is less punky than Burma. Singer, Thalia Zedek, later got a little recognition with her still underrated band Come. I can't tell you why she never seems to get the acknowledgment she deserves. Man, the girl's got bad luck.



  1. one of the best bands ever, you are dead on about the lack of appreciation.

  2. There was a moment where it seemed like people might get interested in them. Alas, it didn't happen