Sunday, January 17, 2010

Townes Van Zandt-In the Beginning

Townes Van Zandt really has to be rated as one of the best of all time. Not best song writer (though he is often cited in the tops), not the best singer or guitar player--just the best. There's so few singers that when you listen to them you're brought to the brink of suicidal abyss, yet find it oddly comforting. The weather worn voice with a slight, yet warm, Southern accent is that beacon that refuses to let you fall into the miasma of despair. Lyrically, Van Zandt is clever (but not for clever's sake), down to earth, ribald, humorous, but mostly pretty harrowing and depressing. And nearly everything he produced is essential. How did this notorious drunkard remain so consistent? This is not my favorite Van Zandt release, not even close, yet it's still amazing, and a friend wanted to hear it. And there's no reason why everyone shouldn't download it. Just get ready for a few tears.


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