Tuesday, June 11, 2013

See ya later Creepscanner

Not that anyone reads this anymore, but I figure I should probably just let those people who e-mail me asking for reups down easy by just cancelling this whole business.  Yes, it was fun laughing at my patheticness and listening to some good tunes, but I honestly haven't downloaded an album in over a year.  I don't care about music blogs anymore.  I'd rather just play my old records and try to avoid any new, horrible shit that's getting the hype these days.  So instead (since I'm not teaching over the summer and need something to do), I've decided to focus my attention on dreams.  Not my dreams (whichever ones of those aren't utterly crushed at this point), but your dreams, as I predict...Your Future Dreams.  Basically, I will spend five minutes a day predicting what you will dream about that night and then crudely render that dream in an illustrated form.  You may find this hard to believe, but I have not drawn a single image since high school (and that was decades ago).  So behold as I reveal the dreams that lie in store for you.  And thanks to those you actually used to read this thing.  I'm sure I'll never hear from you again.