Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Le Grand Magic Circus et Ses Animaux Tristes- Le Grand Mechant Cochon et les Trois Gentils Petits Loups

Sometimes I kinda wonder about the state of child rearing in mid-70s France. Well, I don't think it about it that often, except for when I give this disc a listen. But I doubt there's a lot of parents who'd play this over kids bop nowadays. Looking at the cover will clue you in as to how nutters this record is. Basically, it's a children's fairy tale, but there's weird voices, out pianos, goofy organs, oinks & squeals, some folkiness too. It's just a weird one. So it should come as no surprise that it was included in the Nurse With Wound list. You don't need to speak French to enjoy this one, but it does help. So light up a Gauloise, adjust your beret, and sample this slice of fromage. This will probably be the only children's record I'll ever post.


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