Sunday, January 3, 2010

Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes-(Libertes?)

Fucking Goddard. i think that guy made a career for himself by just filming the most beautiful French women of the time. And Catherine Ribeiro was one of them. I think she got her start in Les Carabiniers, but that might be wrong. I know she had some early singles that were more in the ye-ye vein of French pop. But then she met up with the weird beards in Alpes (no joke, one dude has a beard that would shame the guys in No Neck Blues Band), and went the avant-prog-folk direction. And no one could be happier than me. I have almost all of her work, but this one seems even more special. Dark, mysterious, brooding, mournful--I could list a million adjectives and never really get at what makes this such a crucial release. Find out for yourself.



  1. Any chance of a repost? You wouldn't happen to have the 3rd Chene Noir LP?

  2. Reposts will probably happen over the summer once I'm done teaching. The only other Chene Noir album I have is Aurora.