Sunday, January 17, 2010

Silver Apples

One of the best albums from the whole 60s psych inventory. Unlike pretty much anything else at the time, the Silver Apples still couldn't/can't be ripped off due to their highly idiosyncratic sound. As a two piece the Apples utilize a homemade oscillation patch board unit, dubbed the simeon, as the lead instrument. While people have long raved about the importance of the electronics, I've always felt the drums, masterfully played by Danny Taylor, are the real highlight. The patterns are insanely complex, yet funky and groove driven. Each time I listen to this I hear more. And I've been listening to this for years. This shit is still more modern and futuristic than anything available currently.



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  1. I saw this band at Chicago's Electric Theater (Kinetic Playground) back around 1968 or 1969. A couple of guys sounding a whole like 'Ummagumma'....