Friday, December 31, 2010


But maybe you aren't like me and you're more apt to dance around like an idiot and wear skinny ties and pay over a $100 to drink well liquor and be subjected to horrendous music. Fortunately for you, there's no need to hit that club tonight. I mean, you know your really not going to steal that New Year's kiss that you've been waiting for all year lardo. With that in mind, if you still feel like waddling around and sweating profusely, then play some of this classic house. It's more fun than working out with a video game (who really wants to do that?) and you won't need to embarrass yourself in public like you did last year. I still remember how you choked on that cheese log and then threw up in the radiator when no one was looking.

P.S. Fuck you 2010. You were easily the worst year in my life.
P.S.S. I love you 2011, please be kind.


Scott Walker-The Drift

There's gotta be more than a few of you out there who see this day as just amateur hour for dilettantes who drink shitty champagne and act like assholes three times a year. Buddy, I can drink any day I want and i definitely don't need you blowing that party favor in my face. If you're like me and hate all these obnoxious celebrants might I suggest a nice bottle of Żubrówka and this portable black hole. I'm betting that every one who wants to hear this already owns it, since it's truly essential, but since this blog is really just about posting albums I like and secretly fear I might lose/get stolen, it's reassuring to me to know that I can always have it (even if it is in a virtual form). I've had people try to argue with me that Scott Walker is over rated. If they we're just basing this on his early out put I may be slightly swayed. But when you consider this album and Tilt, those people sound like a bunch of dunces who probably listen to Wilco. I say fuck them.


Electic Eels-The Eyeball of Hell

Oh look, another gem from beautiful Cleveland. Since my friends Alex and Leslie are passing their time in that burgh I might as well continue to post classics from a town that's produced it's fair share. I've already posted some 7" by the XX (the good one) and Dave E. so I might as well finally post something by the Electric Eels. This band continues to blow me away, so much so that I assume that everyone is already intimately familiarity with their output. But if that's not the case, them I might as well let some minds be blown upon approaching the new year. Blast this and you won't need fireworks.


Didjits-Signifies my Go T

Everything I read seems to say that Fizzjob was this band's debut, but, and I might be wrong about this, I seem to think that this cassette was their first release. And coming out of Matoon, IL there was little precedent for them to follow (has there ever been any other band from Matoon? Where the fuck is Matoon?). So one more Illinois post while I'm still lingering here eating hamburgers named after Thin Lizzy and drinking my share of Old Style. And I like the title since it makes fun of goatee and they are stupid. Full beards only fellas. It's really all or nothing when it comes to facial hair. Unless you want to half ass it and look like a dad at his child's soccer match that still thinks frosted hair makes him rock.


Comet-Chandelier Musings

Being back at my parents house for vacation, I have access to many records and cds I left behind so many years ago. It's always been difficult moving so many damned records so their house has become a sort of stash house for the less played discs. Trolling through some rather embarrassing purchases, I found this forgotten gem. And it doesn't seem to be forgotten by me alone. No one seems to care about this album, but upon relisten, I found it the perfect blend of shoegaze and 90s indie rock (I think Dave Fridmann of Mercury Rev produces this one). There's no reason for this one to be gathering dust anymore.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Raksha Mancham-Chös Khor

These people have been around for sometime, so I guess that if you're into this type of thing then you already know who they are. For those not in the know, the cover is somewhat helpful. No, these are a bunch of field recordings of tribesmen or anything like that, but there is certainly an undercurrent of tribalism that underpins most of these tracks. These Belgian dudes play instruments from every corner of the globe, but it's done in a style that prevents them from being cultural plagiarist like Vampire Weekend (when will you die?) despite what some may claim.


Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep AKA Blade Runner-Foley

I could probably make some crack about Vangelis here, but why would I want to do that? I love his original soundtrack to a film that I sometimes (depending on the day) might rank in my top 10 movies of all time. But this isn't the Vangelis soundtrack, so all the naysayers need not chirp up. Instead, this is simply all the background noise of the film. You know, things like space ships flitting about, things burning, bleeps and blorps, etc. It might sound dumb, but it's no dumber than any noise project that you would listen to. In fact, it's really quite a relaxing read. I wouldn't be surprised if several listeners fell asleep during it.


Confuse-Spending Loud Night

Sometimes I get bored and do a google search to see if anybody links to my blog (oddly enough, I've never actaully searched for my own name). Maybe it's just me, but it seems like this site is getting lumped in with some pretty strange things. Here's the top five:

1.) Band Member Names | Linkin Park Band Member Names
2.) Mississippi | World of juggling News
3.) Debby - Indonesian Blog Directories
4.) The Sex Creep Sex, World's Worst Voyeur Sexsite Voyeur And Spy Cam
5.) Prevent Breast Cancer:Secret of Ki(Qi) Energy Master from Japan Part2

I don't know what I'm supposed to make of this list, but it is enjoyable. That's the same feelings I get from this classic Japanese punk nightmare. It's brilliant, but I'm still not sure if I'm absorbing it all since every listen provides more and more pleasure. Not a grower album, but something that just keeps improving. Kinda like those weird little crystals you would grow under water when you were a kid.


Arthur Doyle-Plays and Sings from the Song Book Vol. 1

There was a period some years back when a pal of mine would receive regular phone calls from Mr. Doyle. You would assume that taking to one of the more revered living free jazz giants would be pretty interesting, but Arthur Doyle is apparently a dirty old man. Rather than talk business (my friend put out one of his records) Doyle was only interested in trying to have phone sex with my friend's wife. I'm not sure if this makes me like him less or more. As expected you get some pretty heavy blowing that strikes at the ear drums with sadistic revelry. But what makes this one worth it is the unexpected bizarro vocalese. A pretty fucked cover of Groovin' (now titled Grovery) is a prime example of how a bum singing on a street corner can sometime sound like an angel (albeit one fucked to high heaven).


Hammerhead-Duh, the Big

Not a decent pic of this one on line and I assume it's due to general lack of interest. Pity really, since this is one of those AmRep dealies that I continuously come back to. There's a few decent bands out there now who have taken up the cause of bringing back the ugly to rock. I applaud that gesture. But I am old and remember bands like this who already did all of that but 20 years before. And speaking of ugly, for many years the back picture of this album led me to believe these guys were from Germany. What? Name one pretty group from that country. Scorpions and Accept do not count.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wendy & Bonnie-Genesis

Might as well get off this whole Chicago jag, otherwise I'll end up posting about forty albums and boring you to death with my banal ramblings. Although the proposition of killing off a few people with my dreary words does sound entertaining, I might as well shut it and make with the goods. If memory serves me, the girlie/folk/psych/pop stuff I've posted in the past always seemed to have several people interested. Then I might as well just post this one, since if that is the type of music you're into, you might as well have this one. A serious classic. And they we around 12-15 when they made this. I was skating, making stupid home movies, and smoking pot. I guess I lose that one.


Philip Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble-Singles

Technically, Cohran is from Mississippi then St. Louis, but I'll claim him for Chicago anyways. The dude help found the AACM and played with Sun Ra during his tenure in town. When that astral dweller split, Cohran decided to stay in town and remains here to this day (as far as I know) , so I'd say he's Chicago as fuck. This is one person whose rediscovery just thrilled me. He definitely deserves all the respect he's been garnering these last few years. All of his albums are mandatory owns.


Cryan Shames-Synthesis

Who says Hinsdale stinks? Well, maybe the people from Hinsdale might since it is a super fucking snobby town. But hey, they birthed this great pop/psych outfit. Most people probably know this group for "Sugar & Spice." I know, you might think that tune is a, but that's really not how this one sounds, as they must of had a moment where they decided to stop playing for teenage girls and start freaking out. It's not some heavy psych behemoth or anything, but it definitely doesn't sound like something the Archies sang.



Since I'm back in the motherland I might as well post a few discs from local bands. I found one for a buck, but not while I lived back here. Oddly enough, it turned up in the dollar bin at my friend's record store in Albuquerque. And this cover was worth the dollar alone. Too bad it doesn't really come across on the internet. Maybe you should actually leave your house and buy a copy. for some reason I always thought this formed out of the ashes of H.P. Lovecraft, but I was wrong. It does include a member who went on to join them. It also includes various other people whom you might know if you're interested in Chicago 60s rock. But I won't hold it against you if your aren't. It's a fairly neglected genre.


The Residents-Eskimo

Back in Chicago and it is fucking cold. But I can't complain. I love it like this. There's nothing quite like breathing in air that feels completely devoid of oxygen. Or that the oxygen was replaced by razor sharp ice crystals. No kidding, I actually like that experience. So this is the prefect soundtrack for when the weather gets bleak. This is the sound of the frozen tundra that is your heart.


Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Go Team-Monthly Singles

No this is not that bullshit band that sounds like a bunch of cheer leaders making shitty dance music for shitty commercials. This is actually something worthy of your attention. Especially if you are a fan of Beat Happening (as you should be). Since this is Calvin Johnson & Tobi Vail's pop project you can pretty much guess what's here. This is actually making me feel slightly better despite the circumstances. But only slightly. Reminds me of a time I got tangled up in Calvin's microphone chord and then grinded on in the basement of some bagel shop. Weird times.


Ruin-Songs of Reverie and Ruin

What hardcore bands cover Leonard Cohen, Jefferson Airplane, and the Rolling Stones? Aside from this Philly based Buddhist conglomerate I can't think of another. I never saw their live shows but apparently they were quite a spectacle clothed in white gowns on a stage strewn with candles. Not your typical punks for sure. This cd combines their two releases, He-Ho and Fiat Lux as well as some comp appearances. Even Superchunk covered them. I even think a few of these guys are professors now. Why aren't their people like this in my department. I have colleagues that want to talk about Derrida and Lacan and their children and other boring shit.


Warmer Milks-Radish on Light

Not too sure why most people ignored this release. It was one of those albums that seemed to fill the cut out bins. No joke, I was in Boston round the time when it came out and there was a stack for a dollar a piece. What gives people? This is a damned fine album. I have no idea what to really say about this band (though I think it's just one guy, not sure). Kinda like Bauhaus, Melvins, and the Dead in a really nasty three way. Download it and then pick up a copy for a buck.



If there's one album title tht can explain my current emotional state it's got to be this one. How's about these events. 1.) got rear ended because some knob decided to do a three point turn in the middle of the road and forced a chain of cars to slam on their breaks, 2.) I have a horribly sick car that I've had to take the the vet twice this week, 3.) while trying to drive back to Chicago, I hit an ice patch did two 360s on a seriously busy highway and slammed into a semi, totaling my car. In a year that's already been the worst one in my life, I'm not sure if there's much more I can take. Hence fragile. And how dare you speak ill of Yes? They sound like Sunny Day Real Estate twenty something years ahead of time. Such a classic that any music fan should own.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Fall-Grotesque (After the Gramme)

It really makes no sense for me to have a music blog and not post anything by The Fall. How could it have taken me so long to up something by a band so dear to me? I can't say if this is my favorite of theirs or not. But with 10,000 releases (or something around that number) it's really hard for me to decide. And I'm one of those fans that like all periods of this band, not just the early years. Mark E. Smith is a hero to all disgruntled, aging types like myself. You've gotta love the bitterness.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Mark Hollis

Well, the semester is finally over and all I have to do is grade a huge fucking stack of papers. How grand. I'm also curious to see how many students will ask me out this time around. Arrogant? Perhaps, however last semester saw at least three young lasses asking me if I would like to grab a drink with them. But don't worry, I'm not one of those old lecherous type of teacher. Though a free drink does sound quite nice. All of that aside, this record came up in conversation somewhat recently and I was surprised to hear that my friend, an ardent Talk Talk fan, had never hear this charming album. And I assume that there's several other people out there that never even knew it existed despite loving Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock (these albums have yet to be topped no matter how hard Radiohead plagiarizes them). So Sam, here you go pal.


Bill Evans Trio-Waltz for Debby

Nope, this is definitely not like the jazz I usually post, so free jazz haters are welcome (though I think your taste is highly suspect). There's nothing rare about this one either. I just think it's really pretty. And we can all use some beauty in our lives in what ever form it may come to us. Almost makes me want to be in love again.


Black Sabbath-John Peel Sunday Show

Every time I post something live people seem to be interested. At least that's what the download stats are suggesting. And my life is that dull that I actually do check them. Hey, I want to know what it is that you humans are interest in so I can at least try to post some things that you won't laugh at. No need for me to say anything here other than it's Black Sabbath. And it's on Peel's show. C'est tout.



Who doesn't love Sleep. Not the act, airhead, the band. I fucking hate the fact that I actually have to waste several hours each day laying in a bed. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell you that if I could never go to sleep again and not completely fall apart, I'd do it. Sleep, the band, however, are fucking great and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. So if you like them, then here's an interesting artifact. Combining both of their 7"s, this cd will be of intrigue to anyone who wants to find the seeds that begat the almighty Sleep.


Rudimentary Peni-Death Church

One more R.P. post to tide you over at the moment. If you still don't know who these guys are and you've been reading this blog, then I guess I just can't help you out. But for those in the know, this was their first full length. And what a debut. I know there's some out there who only like their e.p.s (previously posted), but those people are just spoil sports. It feels like I post one of their albums per month, and yet I'm still somehow not finished posting their entire catalog. More to come later. Get the goods.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Family Jams

I'm not some murderer fetishist. I never really got that whole thing. I mean, I like Whitehouse and all, and Answer Me! had it's moments, but that whole killer kult never really clicked with me. So I'm not posting this album for titillation or those with morbid curiosities. Yes, this really is the pre-killing spree Manson family, but it's not some cash in disc of garbage. It's really a good psych folk record. Check out Ra-Hide Away. See, it's actually quite good. I've heard Manson albums before and most of them suck pretty hard, but since he's not actually singing here you don't have to worry about that.


Jeff Humphrey Trio-No Fun Camp

Okay, I know this picture is really shit, but the only pictures I could find of this on line were about the size of most peoples' brains. I'm guessing the only people who know about this album are people who either know Jeff (I don't) or know my pal Mike who released this back in the 90s. And it's a real shame since I think this is a really great 90s rock album. Put it up there with Sebadoh, GBV, and the like. This really could have been on Matador or Sub Pop or whatever was cool at the time. Matt & Rich, this is something you'll like.


England's Glory-Legendary Lost Album

I assume you have eyeballs otherwise this website probably won't make much sense. But with that fact in mind I suggest you read the sticker on the cover of this album. I am sure that it is the only information you need to let you know that is a must own. If you don't know the Only Ones, check the archives. I posted them before. Go back and correct that error.


Nig Heist

Don't want to hear it. If you're going to be a crybaby then just collect your tears in a tear jar, label them, and put them on your tear jar shelf, Tearsis. I know a lot of people cringe at the mention of this band, but a lot of people are a lot of assholes. Band name, cover art, lyrics--sure they can all be offensive, but so can these uggs boots and I'm not going to e-mail anything about those. So if you're not going to cry, you might enjoy the utter ridiculousness of the band formed by SST pool boy, and Black Flag crony, Mugger. I don't care what anyone says, I still think this album is fun.


Brainbombs-Genius and Brutality,Taste and Power

Finally, it's getting cold. There must be something wrong with me because winter is the only time I actually feel like a human being. Fall used to be the preferred season, but I've had my heart broken too many times and and just too bitter to appreciate it the way I did in my youth. So I'll take the winter. And it makes sense. I am from Chicago. And to go along with these up coming cold months what could possibly be better than a little Brainbombs? Throbbing, minimal, repetitive face punches. Even those who don't really like heavy music can find charm with. They've been around since the mid-80s and people still don't care. That kinda reminds me of a group of au pairs from Norway & Sweden I used to hang out with. At one point one of the girls ask me what do Americans think of Sweden. I replied that we don't and that hurt her feelings.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I can either write the diatribe on why this is the most underrated band of all time or I can just write some pithy, trite post....I'll opt for the pithy post as I two fingers with numb fingertips. My pal Rich describes this band's sound as "chopping wood." Listen to the opening track and I think you'll get what he means. Elsewhere I've already proclaimed my love for all creations by Daniel Higgs, and this is just one more product that I fetishize. Really, can this man do anything wrong? Give him a MacArthur or something.


Dolly Parton-Jolene

I've got a mate who says that if he ever has a daughter, he plans on naming her Jolene. I have to say Jolene Freeman would be a pretty great name (albeit one that definitely has that West Virginia twinge to it). So this is for him. And for the rest of you too, since it's all too easy to forget that at one time this gal was really a great songsmith. Don't forget that.


Rodney Dangerfield-No Respect

Just look at that lovely mug and tell me you don't want to give this a listen. For some reason, it seems that readers enjoy my spoken word/audiobook/stand up posts, so here's one more classic. Obviously, there's no need to write about Dangerfield's brilliance. Self deprecation at it's finest. Give it listen and maybe you'll hate yourself slightly less.


Shinki Chen

It's a rare thing nowadays that I get high anymore. I'm too old and too cheap. Kids would probably think I'm a narc if I even did want to buy anything. I'm no spring chicken anymore. So that being said, there's something about this cover that just induces flashbacks of bygone days of being completely fucked up. Maybe in my golden years I'll pick up a habit and just nod out in my converted barn/record listening retreat. Until then, I'll be content with albums like this. Classic Japanese psych rock from a guy who's well traveled in that circuit. So if that be your thing, then listen.


Jaime Brockett-II

This is one of those albums I salvaged from the dollar bin many years ago. The faded out cover had a mysterious quality that begged to be listed to. Checking the instrumentation I noticed the dulcimer is featured on several tracks. And who doesn't like a good dulcimer tune. And while it had all these positive attributes, I was still skeptical. So I was pleased to find that this is actually a great folk record. Well worth the dollar spent (though I seem to remember one of my friends at the record shop just giving it to me). So save yourself a buck and download it here. Being a lazy sod, I somehow fucked up the track listings when I ripped this and have yet to change it. No need to comment on that.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Anchiskhati Choir-Polyphonic Voices of Georgia

How does that saying go about bringing a samovar to Tbilisi? I'm guess these chaps would know as that happens to be the base of their operations. The sound here is large as the former U.S.S.R., but check some clips of these guys and they can be see just sitting around in a crescent. I like that attitude. Keeping it casual is definitely the way to go. And I won't even get going on the sweet beards. Caution: there's a 93% chance that you will fall into a trance when listening to this.


Celtic Frost-To Mega Therion

Classic, Classic, Classic.


Caroliner Rainbow Open Wound Chorale-Rise of the Common Woodpile

Dare I even attempt to describe what it is that Caroliner does? I have serious doubts that anyone can succinctly sum up what it is that they are actually doing. Ok, I took a moment to think about what to say about them and I realized I've got nothing. I can tell you that if you own their records be careful as to how you store them. The concrete and dustbin remnants that slathered my copy of "I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood" have scratched several sleeves in my collection. That's about all I'm going to say. They're better being more mysterious anyways so just down load it.


The Boneless Ones-Skate for the Devil

Even had I never have heard this, the title alone would have endeared it to my heart. Combining my love of skating and Satan is always a winning move. Yesterday, it was unseasonably warm in these parts and I was so tempted to pick up my deck and see if my old man bones wouldn't just shatter. But turkey, beer, and laziness won out. Had I decided to be anything more that a lazy sod, this would have been my soundtrack.


Killing Joke-Revelations

After that Effigies post, I was quickly reminded just how influential this band is and how no one seems to ever talk about them. Pity really, since I find their dark, post-punk, proto-industrial metal sounds too be quite inspiring and quite unlike anything of the time. It seems like every band in the world has covered these guys at some point, yet I almost never hear their name mentioned. How did that happen? And before all the hipsters were digging up the old psych records, they headed down to record with Conny Plank. The even retreated to Iceland, a la The Fall, and that's a move I can respect.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cardiacs-Archive Cardiacs

And this is my gift to everyone else since the Cardiacs seem to be much more well loved than I would have ever imaged. To my surprise, my last post on them is one of the most downloaded albums from this site. I never would have guess that so many enjoy this bizarro, spasmodic pop. But good for you. Nice to know that people are interested in things beyond whatever pitchfork's flavor of the week is. I don't even know what that flavor is any more. Clear maybe. Anyways, enjoy the holiday.

Here (Reuped 6/8/12)

Corrupted-Se Hace Los Suenos Aseinos

Some seriously heavy and lumbering shit. Not too surprising that it's from Japan, right. I mean, there's already a precedent for that. Sung in Spanish though. Vuh? Not sure how that came to be. Not really to interested in doing that quick google search to find the answer because it really doesn't matter. Regardless of their motives, the decision pays off. I think this one might be a Thanksgiving hit to play as your family gathers around the fire and plays Jenga. Rumor has it that this band has a big granny following., and you know those Q-Tip heads are real fans.


Abruptum-Orchestra of Dark

The gifts keep coming. And this one is for Ryan since I knows he loves metal and he also loves midgets (or is that just gnomes?). Either way, you gotta admit that a midget is a welcomed addition to any metal band. Just ask Accept or any of the bands Dio fronted. Sorry about the crap image buddy. This tape clearly isn't all that popular.


The Effigies-Remains Nonviewable & For Ever Grounded

Since I'm still in the giving mood, this one if for the readers back in Illinois. I can go on and on about Chicago punk music (though it was a relatively small scene), but I won't. It's either something you like or you don't. I never quite understood how many of these bands sounded very mid-west, yet seem to have been strongly influenced by British post-punk. Kin of a weird combo, but it works for me. So Remains Nonviewable collects their early e.p.s and even some of For Ever Grounded. But since they (who knows why) decided to only include a portion of it, I figured I should just post the whole thing. See, I can be nice at times.


Woody Allen-Standup Comic

Nothing like days like this to make you feel more isolated and distant from those you care about. So let's have a laugh or something. One thing I like to do is listen to stand up albums when I walk around town, though I am well aware that I must look like a psycho to passersby. I suppose seeing someone who looks like me laughing to himself might seem pretty suspicious, but who cares. The opinions of the locals was something that never really concerned me anyways. So where ever you live I suggest downloading this and conducting your own experiments. See how many people will point at you, or sneer, or flick you off. Matt, not sure if you have this already (I think you might), if not then grab it.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Flag-The Process of Weeding Out Live: 2/8/85

Time to make good on a threat I made some time back. Now, I don't want to hear any cry baby "Oh, they used to be better but then they became hippies," bullshit. Fuck that. They simply ruled in every phase. People like to sneer and point fingers at the e.p. on which this is based. Fuck those dunces. This shit clearly demonstrates the Greg Ginn was a supreme guitar god capable of playing any shit Sonny Sharrock would conjure up. If people are still sore that they grew their hair out and started to smoke pot, then it's time for those babies to grow up. That was 25 years ago, you dolt.


Rudimentary Peni-Catastrophe

Reader Majes's comment on my posting of Rudi P's EP's made me want to go back to that series of posting all of their material that I started oh so long ago. So here's one more to add to the collection. Some day you'll eventually get them all. But you better be good children.

Here (Reuped 6/7/12)

Todd Rundgren-A Wizard, A True Star

A while back I mentioned how I was excited to see some of Ol' Todd's belongings in the rock & roll hall of fame. And I was sincere about that, even though a few of you called bull shit. So to those people, might I present you with this? I love the Nazz, but this has got to be his finest work. It's a really odd album throughout. Too bad his record company were dicks about the pressing and fucked it up.



It surprising that I'm seeing such weird things about town considering all the featherhead students have sojourned home to be coddled by their parents. But it's true. Par example, I spotted a broken cricket paddle one night we walking down to the local. I assume some frattish berk finally tired of smacking pledges asses with it. Then, moments later I saw a payphone. That's pretty strange these days but what makes it even more bizarre was that it was actually in use. Like those things, this album kinda makes me feel weird, but in a good way. You like Steely Dan? I'm guessing Azita does as there's some serious jazz influence piano driven smooth rock going on (all played by all the Chicago scenesters). If you know her from all her now wave stuff you'll probably think you've been medicined when you hear this.