Friday, December 31, 2010

Comet-Chandelier Musings

Being back at my parents house for vacation, I have access to many records and cds I left behind so many years ago. It's always been difficult moving so many damned records so their house has become a sort of stash house for the less played discs. Trolling through some rather embarrassing purchases, I found this forgotten gem. And it doesn't seem to be forgotten by me alone. No one seems to care about this album, but upon relisten, I found it the perfect blend of shoegaze and 90s indie rock (I think Dave Fridmann of Mercury Rev produces this one). There's no reason for this one to be gathering dust anymore.



  1. Hi there. I know this might be old news, but David Fridmann DID NOT produce this. It was David Baker, the original singer of Rev. Hidden genius. Check out his solo stuff. Cheers

  2. Oops. I always makes mistakes like that. Too many Daves. Kinda like that Kids in the Hall song.