Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Effigies-Remains Nonviewable & For Ever Grounded

Since I'm still in the giving mood, this one if for the readers back in Illinois. I can go on and on about Chicago punk music (though it was a relatively small scene), but I won't. It's either something you like or you don't. I never quite understood how many of these bands sounded very mid-west, yet seem to have been strongly influenced by British post-punk. Kin of a weird combo, but it works for me. So Remains Nonviewable collects their early e.p.s and even some of For Ever Grounded. But since they (who knows why) decided to only include a portion of it, I figured I should just post the whole thing. See, I can be nice at times.



  1. I bought For ever grounded at a record store while they were playing it on the store's stereo I FUCKING LOVE THIS RECORD! I have been looking for more ever since thank you for the post!!!

  2. Glad someone likes this. I've always had a soft spot for them, but it seems like most people aren't as taken with Chicago punk as I am. Nice to know there's a few out there.