Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I can either write the diatribe on why this is the most underrated band of all time or I can just write some pithy, trite post....I'll opt for the pithy post as I two fingers with numb fingertips. My pal Rich describes this band's sound as "chopping wood." Listen to the opening track and I think you'll get what he means. Elsewhere I've already proclaimed my love for all creations by Daniel Higgs, and this is just one more product that I fetishize. Really, can this man do anything wrong? Give him a MacArthur or something.



  1. fuck yea love this album


  2. Possibly my favourite discovery so far on your blog. I couldn't take The Words off repeat play for what seemed like a very long time. It's very rare that I find a song I want to play more than twice in a row. The band have a unique style of song structure that somehow never seems repetitive. I'll certainly be searching out a copy of this to listen to at high volume.

  3. Everything Daniel Higgs is involved in is inspiring to me. I only wish I could have gotten a tattoo from him before he packed it all in.