Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brainbombs-Genius and Brutality,Taste and Power

Finally, it's getting cold. There must be something wrong with me because winter is the only time I actually feel like a human being. Fall used to be the preferred season, but I've had my heart broken too many times and and just too bitter to appreciate it the way I did in my youth. So I'll take the winter. And it makes sense. I am from Chicago. And to go along with these up coming cold months what could possibly be better than a little Brainbombs? Throbbing, minimal, repetitive face punches. Even those who don't really like heavy music can find charm with. They've been around since the mid-80s and people still don't care. That kinda reminds me of a group of au pairs from Norway & Sweden I used to hang out with. At one point one of the girls ask me what do Americans think of Sweden. I replied that we don't and that hurt her feelings.


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