Saturday, December 18, 2010


If there's one album title tht can explain my current emotional state it's got to be this one. How's about these events. 1.) got rear ended because some knob decided to do a three point turn in the middle of the road and forced a chain of cars to slam on their breaks, 2.) I have a horribly sick car that I've had to take the the vet twice this week, 3.) while trying to drive back to Chicago, I hit an ice patch did two 360s on a seriously busy highway and slammed into a semi, totaling my car. In a year that's already been the worst one in my life, I'm not sure if there's much more I can take. Hence fragile. And how dare you speak ill of Yes? They sound like Sunny Day Real Estate twenty something years ahead of time. Such a classic that any music fan should own.

Link Removed


  1. Sorry about your car!

    I DO own this in multiple formats, & pretty much know it by heart. Whereas a lot of what I listened to in elementary school does not appeal to me anymore except in VERY small fits of nostalgia, whenever I revisit Yes's classic lps I'm pleasantly surprised by how good they really are. Odd there's so many haters.

    Now ELP, that's a band to NOT revist...

  2. Hell no, I love ELP too. They took a karate instructor on tour with them. Hence, they will always be dear to my heart. And don't forget the flaming gongs.

  3. Hm. I just can't go there anymore.
    On the other hand, I remain loyal to early Rush, a band who has cred with absolutely NO ONE. (Except for perhaps their late-period cover album, which garnered limited cred solely because it's not Rush-like.)

  4. What? I've got a mob of friends who are all loyal Rush devotees. Maybe I travel in better circles.

  5. Maybe? Definitely! I'm jealous.

    Also spoiled, as 'YYZ' was our big half-time number in high school. Psych!

    And yes, I was in the band.

    And yes, I dated (1 of our 3) Neil Peart -obsessed drummers.

    More cowbell! :-)

  6. Apparently these Yes records keep flying off the shelf because they promptly removed this link. Maybe Wakeman needs a new cape.