Thursday, December 30, 2010

Confuse-Spending Loud Night

Sometimes I get bored and do a google search to see if anybody links to my blog (oddly enough, I've never actaully searched for my own name). Maybe it's just me, but it seems like this site is getting lumped in with some pretty strange things. Here's the top five:

1.) Band Member Names | Linkin Park Band Member Names
2.) Mississippi | World of juggling News
3.) Debby - Indonesian Blog Directories
4.) The Sex Creep Sex, World's Worst Voyeur Sexsite Voyeur And Spy Cam
5.) Prevent Breast Cancer:Secret of Ki(Qi) Energy Master from Japan Part2

I don't know what I'm supposed to make of this list, but it is enjoyable. That's the same feelings I get from this classic Japanese punk nightmare. It's brilliant, but I'm still not sure if I'm absorbing it all since every listen provides more and more pleasure. Not a grower album, but something that just keeps improving. Kinda like those weird little crystals you would grow under water when you were a kid.



  1. I love a bit of Japanese punk. And I especially love Japanese punk song/record titles. This is a particularly good one. Sounds like this bring back memories of falling about to assorted crusty west country noise bands in the 80s. The Japanese are masters at taking a musical style and developing it into something really special. Not just simple copyists, they throw themselves into it so wholeheartedly that they never fail to endear themselves.

  2. Yes, I agree completely. Unfortunately, so many of these releases were hard to find. It's so strange now, via the internet, to be able to hear so many of these records that had remained so elusive for all those years.

  3. Oh yes, completely impossible over here to get your hands on this at the time. You'd be lucky to get a dodgy copy on cassette and would have to be pretty dedicated to the scene to even know about it. Kids today don't know they're born ha ha. I love the internet. As well as providing all these rare gems you also get to hear all the stuff you were only half interested in or couldn't afford to buy at the time. All those hours spent looking at sleeves and pondering on what the contents could possibly sound like. They never got any air play and I bought many records without hearing them first. Buying records was a lottery and my collection is full of crap because of it. Blogs like yours are a real boon for the lover of unpopular music. Of course when you chanced upon a real classic it made it all worthwhile and somehow seemed more satisfying than the ease with which music can be accessed now.

  4. I miss the days of ordering records based on catalog descriptions and write ups in zines. Tons of disappointments to be sure, but it seem more honest in some way. More of a quest. I enjoy the accessibility of things now, but, too often, I find I download albums just to have them available and not to full immerse myself in them. Something's changed. not sure if I like it either.

  5. There is a tendency to want to hear every record ever recorded which again leads to a dilution of pleasure when trying to absorb an excess of information. Better to slow down a little I think, show some discrimination and truly give a recording the due respect it deserves. Surely it is better to let a record grow with you over a period of time rather than endlessly searching for the next new fix. That's not to say I would want to be stuck with the same old box of records forever. Just that there is a balance there somewhere to be found.