Friday, December 31, 2010


But maybe you aren't like me and you're more apt to dance around like an idiot and wear skinny ties and pay over a $100 to drink well liquor and be subjected to horrendous music. Fortunately for you, there's no need to hit that club tonight. I mean, you know your really not going to steal that New Year's kiss that you've been waiting for all year lardo. With that in mind, if you still feel like waddling around and sweating profusely, then play some of this classic house. It's more fun than working out with a video game (who really wants to do that?) and you won't need to embarrass yourself in public like you did last year. I still remember how you choked on that cheese log and then threw up in the radiator when no one was looking.

P.S. Fuck you 2010. You were easily the worst year in my life.
P.S.S. I love you 2011, please be kind.



  1. It wasn't a great year for me either. Here's hoping an arbitrary change of date is going to improve things. I'll raise my cup of tea to you and be glad I'm not joining the throng puking in the gutter. Cheers.

  2. I feel pretty entrenched in a rut i have somehow found myself in. However, the nearly non-existent inner optimist seems to think that perhaps the change of the year might signal a positive change in my life. But this might all be a delusion I've convinced myself into trying to believe just to make it through the day. Who knows, maybe this will be our year. Let's hope so at least.

  3. I share your anti-2010 sentiments, so best wishes for a very, very happy new year. And thanks for the Cybotron!

  4. Yeah it was shit. Now it's over. Here's hoping that it won't be another year of heart ache and disappointment. And, at least we have some house to dance to.