Friday, November 26, 2010

Caroliner Rainbow Open Wound Chorale-Rise of the Common Woodpile

Dare I even attempt to describe what it is that Caroliner does? I have serious doubts that anyone can succinctly sum up what it is that they are actually doing. Ok, I took a moment to think about what to say about them and I realized I've got nothing. I can tell you that if you own their records be careful as to how you store them. The concrete and dustbin remnants that slathered my copy of "I'm Armed with Quarts of Blood" have scratched several sleeves in my collection. That's about all I'm going to say. They're better being more mysterious anyways so just down load it.



  1. asked by my 7 year old while i was listening to this: "dad, are you listening to a spongebob album??"


  2. Hah, that's hilarious. Never thought to make that analogy.

  3. This was like visiting a demented fairground. Thoroughly enjoyable.