Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hammerhead-Duh, the Big

Not a decent pic of this one on line and I assume it's due to general lack of interest. Pity really, since this is one of those AmRep dealies that I continuously come back to. There's a few decent bands out there now who have taken up the cause of bringing back the ugly to rock. I applaud that gesture. But I am old and remember bands like this who already did all of that but 20 years before. And speaking of ugly, for many years the back picture of this album led me to believe these guys were from Germany. What? Name one pretty group from that country. Scorpions and Accept do not count.



  1. Dear Jerry,
    Excellent blog. I haven't checked this album yet but did a quick search on (see link below). There are some good quality scans for this album. I'm not sure if I would think of Germany from the back cover. I can see how the face of the band member looking all "Duh" look's vaguely German, though.

    Keep up the great posts. I actually can't believe there's someone out there like posting consistently great shit as you do.


  2. Thanks T.R. I really wasn't trying to slight Germans. I've known many beautiful German Au Pairs in my youth.

  3. kein problem. I wasn't intening to slight them either. Pretty good album also.

  4. They're from Fargo, ND. I saw them open for Helmet in '92 (sue me). They completely destroyed. If only I'd been able to see Halo Of Flies. Keep it ugly.