Friday, December 31, 2010

Didjits-Signifies my Go T

Everything I read seems to say that Fizzjob was this band's debut, but, and I might be wrong about this, I seem to think that this cassette was their first release. And coming out of Matoon, IL there was little precedent for them to follow (has there ever been any other band from Matoon? Where the fuck is Matoon?). So one more Illinois post while I'm still lingering here eating hamburgers named after Thin Lizzy and drinking my share of Old Style. And I like the title since it makes fun of goatee and they are stupid. Full beards only fellas. It's really all or nothing when it comes to facial hair. Unless you want to half ass it and look like a dad at his child's soccer match that still thinks frosted hair makes him rock.


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