Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Residents-Eskimo

Back in Chicago and it is fucking cold. But I can't complain. I love it like this. There's nothing quite like breathing in air that feels completely devoid of oxygen. Or that the oxygen was replaced by razor sharp ice crystals. No kidding, I actually like that experience. So this is the prefect soundtrack for when the weather gets bleak. This is the sound of the frozen tundra that is your heart.



  1. Ah my black shrivelled heart is way colder than these little ditties : )

  2. Yeah, I kinda know how you feel. Perhaps I should post a field recording of a tar pit or something.

  3. Man, this album is best experienced while reading the booklet that comes with the physical copy.

    Actually, one of my favorite moments with this album was when I played this at the same time I played Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. That was a mindtrip and a half.