Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Wendy & Bonnie-Genesis

Might as well get off this whole Chicago jag, otherwise I'll end up posting about forty albums and boring you to death with my banal ramblings. Although the proposition of killing off a few people with my dreary words does sound entertaining, I might as well shut it and make with the goods. If memory serves me, the girlie/folk/psych/pop stuff I've posted in the past always seemed to have several people interested. Then I might as well just post this one, since if that is the type of music you're into, you might as well have this one. A serious classic. And they we around 12-15 when they made this. I was skating, making stupid home movies, and smoking pot. I guess I lose that one.


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  1. This _is_ a nice one. And made me revisit Spleen :-)