Thursday, December 30, 2010

Raksha Mancham-Chös Khor

These people have been around for sometime, so I guess that if you're into this type of thing then you already know who they are. For those not in the know, the cover is somewhat helpful. No, these are a bunch of field recordings of tribesmen or anything like that, but there is certainly an undercurrent of tribalism that underpins most of these tracks. These Belgian dudes play instruments from every corner of the globe, but it's done in a style that prevents them from being cultural plagiarist like Vampire Weekend (when will you die?) despite what some may claim.



  1. Dear CS.

    Thanks for the Raksha Mancham - very cool.

    I also really enjoyed the Phil Upchurch - do you have "The Way I Feel"? I've been searching for awhile!

    I have you linked at - Check it out when you get a chance and i would love to get a link on CS.

    Happy Better Year!

    Dave RFW

  2. Sorry Dave but I don't have that one. And you're already linked on the side panel. It orders them based on previous posts, so your link might jump around a bit. But it's there.

  3. From the descriptions...those that like this may enjoy aboombong.