Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cryan Shames-Synthesis

Who says Hinsdale stinks? Well, maybe the people from Hinsdale might since it is a super fucking snobby town. But hey, they birthed this great pop/psych outfit. Most people probably know this group for "Sugar & Spice." I know, you might think that tune is a bit...er...sugary, but that's really not how this one sounds, as they must of had a moment where they decided to stop playing for teenage girls and start freaking out. It's not some heavy psych behemoth or anything, but it definitely doesn't sound like something the Archies sang.



  1. I found one of their LP's, "A Scratch In The Sky," autographed for $0.50. Seems like an in-between, part sugary, part airy psych. Thanks!

  2. I love that "Greenburg, Glickstein..." song. Does anything else on the lp compare?

  3. Hmm...I suppose it all depends on what you hope to find. I like this album, but i can't say everyone will. But you can always delete it if it's not to your liking. But I think you'll like it so...