Friday, December 31, 2010

Electic Eels-The Eyeball of Hell

Oh look, another gem from beautiful Cleveland. Since my friends Alex and Leslie are passing their time in that burgh I might as well continue to post classics from a town that's produced it's fair share. I've already posted some 7" by the XX (the good one) and Dave E. so I might as well finally post something by the Electric Eels. This band continues to blow me away, so much so that I assume that everyone is already intimately familiarity with their output. But if that's not the case, them I might as well let some minds be blown upon approaching the new year. Blast this and you won't need fireworks.



  1. Why an I dling this? Do I NEED a 4th mp3 copy of most of these songs(in addition to assorted vinyl and cd showings)? Apparently so!

  2. See if you need any silly 60s soul @

  3. thanks for a great blog!