Friday, November 26, 2010

Killing Joke-Revelations

After that Effigies post, I was quickly reminded just how influential this band is and how no one seems to ever talk about them. Pity really, since I find their dark, post-punk, proto-industrial metal sounds too be quite inspiring and quite unlike anything of the time. It seems like every band in the world has covered these guys at some point, yet I almost never hear their name mentioned. How did that happen? And before all the hipsters were digging up the old psych records, they headed down to record with Conny Plank. The even retreated to Iceland, a la The Fall, and that's a move I can respect.



  1. Yes, massively overlooked. They were really important in the period after the first flush of punk, when many other bands were producing formulaic chaff. They were popular along with bands like UK Decay, Theatre of Hate, Bauhaus etc. Those bands were very different from each other but all crossed into areas populated by the emerging posi punk goth scene for want of a better genre description. I think in a way these bands were a counterpoint to the more overtly political approach many other bands were taking. For me personally this album lacked something of the previous two although there are some great tracks on it. I partially lost track of what the band were doing over the years following. Their last couple of albums have been fantastic though. They've recaptured a raw sound that puts them back up there with the early stuff. Very impressive.

  2. Agreed. There reformation is a real joy. I was reluctant when I first heard about their reunion all those years back, but they've proved me, and many people, wrong. I love to see the old timers beating out the kids.

  3. Obviously, I meant their not there. But sometimes the finger move faster than the synapses in my brain.

  4. Sometimes tectonic plates move faster than the synapses in my brain.

    Jaz Coleman also has an extraordinary career in classical music:

  5. Blimey! You like Cardiacs and Killing Joke. What a man!

  6. The leader studied at Cambridge and Oxford. The album from the 80's references now and near future. He is very adept in magic and understands the mystery practices. If you can see he tells you who wins.
    The Hum is a perfect example.The Gentle Lamb/the Hive/The HawkHeaded Man. All from deep waters.
    Was my favorite album in high school junior year.
    If you mention to some metal types it's like spiritual to them.