Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shinki Chen

It's a rare thing nowadays that I get high anymore. I'm too old and too cheap. Kids would probably think I'm a narc if I even did want to buy anything. I'm no spring chicken anymore. So that being said, there's something about this cover that just induces flashbacks of bygone days of being completely fucked up. Maybe in my golden years I'll pick up a habit and just nod out in my converted barn/record listening retreat. Until then, I'll be content with albums like this. Classic Japanese psych rock from a guy who's well traveled in that circuit. So if that be your thing, then listen.



  1. yes! love this album. especially people brittle. yes... ok... bye then

  2. no, now im confused. i was talking about saddhu brand. haha. but this is also good. but then i prefer "corpse". bla bla bla.

  3. I have that one too if you need it. It does sound like you already have it however. Hope you enjoy this one anyways.