Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It surprising that I'm seeing such weird things about town considering all the featherhead students have sojourned home to be coddled by their parents. But it's true. Par example, I spotted a broken cricket paddle one night we walking down to the local. I assume some frattish berk finally tired of smacking pledges asses with it. Then, moments later I saw a payphone. That's pretty strange these days but what makes it even more bizarre was that it was actually in use. Like those things, this album kinda makes me feel weird, but in a good way. You like Steely Dan? I'm guessing Azita does as there's some serious jazz influence piano driven smooth rock going on (all played by all the Chicago scenesters). If you know her from all her now wave stuff you'll probably think you've been medicined when you hear this.


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