Saturday, June 18, 2011

Contaminators-LP & 7"s

A few years ago, I think the bros over at terminal boredom (is that still going on?) pumped this up. The 7" slays. The lp is solid too. It's hot and gross and it's one of those times you might just want to take a hot shot and listen to some skag rock played by some creeps that will probably mug you and rape your dog. Actually, they all seem like nice gents but they play some rock in the mode of Johnny Thunders and seriously fucked individuals. I doubt they are of that sort, but they seem to walk it like they talk it. So maybe they're the new Steely Dan. I don't know. You don't either. Listen to "Drugs" or "Ain't so Fun" and tell me that snottiness doesn't mean something to you; I'll tell you you never punched anyone in the face, or broke a window for fun, or skated with the hope of breaking your neck, or taking far too many drugs when know you really should take ten times more (if that makes sense). Pure modern pop.


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