Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dickens-Royal Incarnation

I know I might not be the most trustworthy source when it comes to French music, seeing that I have, what may be, an unhealthy fetish for that language. But, being aware of my tendencies to hype that, I am afforded the proper critical distance at the moment to say that this is probably the best French psych record of all time. I've got a long list running on the subject (surprised?) and this one always comes up on top. I know for some, saying it's the best French psych record is like saying it's the best Yiddish rai album, but people who want to get into that shit have not dug deep enough. No joke, put this up against psych from around the globe and it will always rank high. I don't know anything about them, nor do I care to. All I need to know is that this is fucking fantastic and that may be all there is to know (cue Aaron Neville doing that annoying no ball trill).



  1. "the best French psych record of all time" Is that a gauntlet I spy on the ground? I'm having a bit of this....

  2. Well, it's not as if I'm in the band or anything, but I suppose it can be viewed as a challenge. At worst, I lose and find out about some psych disques I haven't heard before.

  3. these three words alone make me download:

    "Yiddish rai album"

    my nose hairs curl at the thought

  4. Admittedly intriguing. I gotta hear it. Do you even know when it was recorded, approximately?

  5. I''m pretty sure it's 1969, but that's just off the top of my head.