Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tales of Terror

I spent the weekend watching my sister's dogs. She lives in the old Chess records pressing factory (the plant on 21rst, not the studio on Michigan). So I walked the dogs around the lakefront (Lake Michigan for those without geographical sense and those outside the U.S.). And being that it's 2011 I couldn't believe that I continuously had to see roller bladers. I thought that shit died out decades ago. Being a skater for decades, I hated the advent of that bullshit mode of transportation and I can't say that hatred has waned in the passing years. Fuck those people. And by extension, fuck long borders too. You're not skating, you're a frat boy who's too lazy to walk (at least in the Mid-West). So here's some classic punk if you want to be like me and be an old fool skating around town. I honestly can't even do any tricks anymore. But this shit makes me feel like I should try to jump a 50ft gap knowing all the while that a broken bone will occur but never caring.


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  1. Longboards are omnipresent where I'm at, and yr right: their users are lazy fratboys. Those bastards are so entitled, they give me snide looks for being in their way when they almost skate into me when I'm out.